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Apple Valley Water Reports and Guide

Apple Valley Water Quality Background

The City of Apple Valley operates 19 wells that range in depths from 487 to 1,127 feet. Drinking water is drawn from the Prairie du Chien-Jordan and Jordan groundwater aquifers. If the City needs additional water in an emergency, water can also be drawn from the Mt. Simon aquifer.

The City’s water treatment plant is designed to remove iron and manganese. Chlorine and potassium permanganate are added to oxidize the iron and manganese so they can be filtered from the water. After filtration, additional chlorine and fluoride are added before being stored in reservoirs.

The EPA has established two standards for additional contaminants in tap water:
MCL: Maximum Contaminant Level – The maximum allowable level of a certain contaminant MCLG: Maximum Contaminant Level GOAL – The level where studies have foundZERO HEALTH RISKS, aka the “Health Limit”

Apple Valley Drinking Water Quality Reports

2009 Apple Valley Water Report
2005 Apple Valley Water Report
2003 Apple Valley Water Report
2002 Apple Valley Water Report

This information was compiled from Apple Valley’s water treatment reports, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Minnesota Department of Health(DOH), World Health Organization(WHO), and Environmental Working Group(EWG).

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