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Water Treatment System for Credit River Luxury Home

Undersizing a water treatment system is like building a foundation built with toothpicks. Eventually it crumbles. Our clients had just purchased a home in the Cress View neighborhood in Credit River, MN. It didn't take long for them to notice a consistent...

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Bad Water? Cured! Hybrid Water Softener in Chaska, MN

How would you feel if you had to take your kitchen faucet apart and clean it every week? It wasn’t always that bad, but after 15+ years, our customers in Chaska, MN were getting sick of their water! Their Fleck 5600 water softener was installed in 1999. It...

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Ozone Iron Filter Fixes Well Water in Corcoran, MN

Our ozone iron filter just made life a little easier for our customers in Corcoran, MN. They had city water all their life, and this home had a private well. They began to notice a “rotten egg smell” within a few days. Rust stains began to appear after a...

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Blaine MN Boil Water Alert – What to Do, Are You at Risk?

Have you heard about the Blaine MN boil water alert? A software glitch caused a dangerous drop in water pressure and the city ran out of water for 2 hours. Besides the inconvenience, there was potential for a huge health risk. Here’s why: About 10% of city...

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