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Blaine MN Boil Water Alert – What to Do, Are You at Risk?

Have you heard about the Blaine MN boil water alert? A software glitch caused a dangerous drop in water pressure and the city ran out of water for 2 hours. Besides the inconvenience, there was potential for a huge health risk. Here’s why: About 10% of city water is...

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Discolored Water in Plymouth MN – Here’s How to Fix It

Was your water in Plymouth a little dirty looking this summer? You’re not alone. Discolored water in Plymouth MN affected 1,000's of residents.  It even made the news. It turns out the city water treatment plant couldn't keep up with demand. City engineers are working...

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Ultimate Water Treatment System for New Home in Victoria, MN

Customers often ask me: “What kind of Water Treatment System would you put in your home?” This summer I moved into a new home in Victoria, MN by Lake Wassermann. I’ve worked with a lot of customers in this area, and knew the water problems I would face. I wanted an...

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3 Tips to Help Dry Skin in Winter

Minnesota = dry skin in winter. FACT. As your furnace blazes, it sucks the moisture out of the air. Skin gets dry, itchy, and cracked. But it doesn’t have to. Check out these tips for dry skin in winter. You’ll be more comfortable this season, and even help protect...

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Hybrid Water System Fixes Tough Plymouth, MN Water

The DMT Hybrid Water System is one of our most popular systems. It solves many of the problems common in Minnesota city water. We recently worked with a customer in Plymouth, MN that had a 14 year old Fleck 5600 water softener. Their water just didn't seem soft enough...

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