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3M Water System - A Smart Solution for Cleaner Water

3M Water System

There’s a 3M Water System to fix every water problem.

If your water’s less than perfect, you get spotty glassware, scaly buildup around fixtures, dry skin or hair, bad taste or odor in your water.

Does any of that sound like your water? Well it doesn’t have to!

A 3M Water System can give you cleaner, fresher water.

Contact Premier Water today – to make your water problems go away!

3M Whole House Water Filter

3M Whole House Water Filter

A 3M Whole House Water filter acts like a firewall for your entire home.

You get an added layer of protection from chlorine, sediment, dirt, and debris.

That means your water will taste, smell, and feel better.  You’ll also protect your water softener, appliances, and plumbing from damage.

3M reverse osmosis

3M Reverse Osmosis

3M produces some of the cleanest water for restaurants and manufacturers around the world.

Now you can have the same amazing 3M technology in your home too!

A 3M Reverse Osmosis reduces up to 95% of water contaminants for a crisp, clean taste.  It makes clearer ice cubes, and richer tasting coffee.

3M water softener

3M Water Softener

Water in the Twin Cities is often 4-5x harder than the rest of the country.  It will destroy your home’s plumbing and appliances.

A 3M Water Softener is a smart solution to protect your home from hard water damage.  It does it automatically, and uses 60% less salt compared to other softeners.

A 3M softener is also backed by a 5 year parts & labor warranty – so you get guaranteed performance!

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