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Water Treatment Systems

Do you have city or private well water?

Chances are, more than one water contaminant could be causing you problems.

Premier Water has service you can trust, and the expertise to guarantee you’ll get the water quality results you need!

We use an easy 5-Step discovery process to match the right Water Treatment System to your needs:

  1. Free water analysis – sign up here
  2. Review plumbing, location, and space options
  3. Assess volume, pressure, and flow rates needed
  4. Professional installation by our certified installers
  5. Follow-up review and testing
HERO purification system

HERO System

Exciting new Membrane Technology provides salt-free softening, pure water at every tap, and the peace of mind from the ultimate protection for you home or business!

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

The best water softeners for your home and family! We specialize in High Efficiency softeners that will save you salt, electricity, and 1000’s of gallons of water!

Hybrid Dual Media Systems

Dual chamber tank design combines high efficiency water softener and filter technologies. A “green solution” to treat multiple water problems with a single unit.

Iron Filter System

Iron Filter Systems

Our Iron Filters are custom designed to your water quality and well system. Find out how we can guarantee removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and more!

Whole house water filter systems

Whole House Filters

Whole House Water Filters add a layer of protection to your home.  We have a wide range of systems including Arsenic Filters, Carbon Filters, Sediment Filters and more!

drinking water system

Drinking Water Systems

Give your family healthy, great-tasting drinking water! Reverse Osmosis delivers the ultimate purified drinking water. We even have compact, low-cost drinking water filters.

Not Sure Which System is Right for You?

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