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Commercial Filter Systems

The Hellenbrand Commercial Iron Curtain filters offer unlimited iron-free and odor-free water

Commercial Iron Curtain Filter Systems

Our patented Iron Curtain Filtration Systems are designed to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide without the use of potassium permanganate, chlorine or salt.

This results in much lower operating costs, and the problems associated with hazardous chemicals.

10″ – 72″ diameter filter vessels are available in single and multi-tank designs with a wide range of controls.

commercial water filter valve options

Commercial Valve Options

Hellenbrand’s commercial line of iron filters are available with the following options:

  • 1.25″, 1.50″, 2″, and 3″ valves
  • Regeneration based on calender, volume, or pressure drop
  • 9 cycle operation with multiple backwash and rinse options
  • Top or side mount configurations

Filtration Vessel Specifications

Single tank specifications – also available in twin, tri-plex, quad, five-plex, and six-plex systems

Vessel Dimensions Flow Rate at 3gpm/ft2 Flow Rate at 5gpm/ft2 PeakFlow Rate at 7gpm/ft2 Backwash Rate
10″ x 54″ 1.6gpm 2.7gpm 3.8gpm 5gpm
12″ x 52″ 2.4gpm 3.9gpm 5.5gpm 8gpm
13″ x 54″ 2.8gpm 4.6gpm 6.4gpm 10gpm
14″ x 65″ 3.4gpm 5.3gpm 7.5gpm 12gpm
16″ x 65″ 4gpm 7gpm 10gpm 15gpm
18″ x 65″ 5gpm 9gpm 12gpm 20gpm
21″ x 62″ 7gpm 12gpm 17gpm 25gpm
24″ x 71″ 9gpm 16gpm 22gpm 35gpm
30″ x 72″ 15gpm 25gpm 34gpm 50gpm
36″ x 72″ 21gpm 35gpm 49gpm 70gpm
42″ x 60″ 29gpm 48gpm 67gpm 115gpm
48″ x 60″ 38gpm 63gpm 88gpm 150gpm
54″ x 60″ 48gpm 80gpm 111gpm 190gpm
60″ x 60″ 59gpm 98gpm 137gpm 235gpm
66″ x 60″ 71gpm 119gpm 166gpm 285gpm
72″ x 60″ 85gpm 142gpm 198gpm 339gpm
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