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Manufactured In: St Paul, MN
Company website: www.3mwater.com

3M is a Fortune 500 company that has been in business for over 100 years, with over 90,000 employees, and a global business in over 60 countries.

3M, a leader in innovation, holds thousands of patents, which cover some of the most technologically advanced drinking water systems available to the public.

3M Purification Inc. (3M PI) is a leader in water filtration and separation with over 40 years of residential filtration experience. 3M Purification Inc. is a key supplier to the many popular fast food chains and donut and coffee restaurants.


Manufactured In: Waunakee, WI
Company website: www.hellenbrand.com

Hellenbrand Inc., is a leading manufacturer of residential water treatment equipment in the United States.
Jim & Florence Hellenbrand founded Hellenbrand Water Conditioners, Inc. in August of 1967, with a focus on quality service and technical expertise.

Prior to establishing their water treatment dealership, Jim worked for Capital Water Softeners, serving plumbers throughout Dane County. Then the water treatment business presented Jim with an opportunity to build a sales organization and become his own boss.

As word of Hellenbrand’s product quality and service grew, so did his business; within a few years Hellenbrand rapidly outgrew their original location on Main Street in Waunakee, Wisconsin, and in 1974, Hellenbrand opened a 6,000 square foot shop at 509 West Main Street in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

Hellenbrand Water Conditioners is a family owned business in every sense of the word, as over the years Jim and Florence made sure their children put in their time at the family business, answering phones, building equipment and doing some installation and service work.

In the 1990’s Terry Hellenbrand researched for a better filtering system and in 1992 developed and received a patent for the Iron Curtain System; this technology is among the simplest, most economical and effective iron filters available. It removes iron, sulfur (rotten egg odor) and manganese from water.

In 1994, Jeff, Terry and Paul Hellenbrand bought the business from their parents and with that some changes; while Jim mainly sold residential products to plumbing contractors and wholesale houses located in Wisconsin, the business relied on a robust housing market. The next generation expanded to find outlets with other water treatment dealers and began to serve the commercial market.

Today, Hellenbrand Inc., is made up of two divisions, the Hellenbrand Water Center, where we provide water treatment service and products to end-users in and around Dane County and Hellenbrand Inc. a 25,000 square foot facility located in the Waunakee industrial park, where we manufacture a wide range of water treatment products for the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment markets.

Moving forward Hellenbrand is looking to continue to grow both locally with the Hellenbrand Water Center, and expand our water treatment dealer base which now covers twenty states by following the same business fundamentals that Jim & Florence started the business with some 40-years ago.

Axeon Water Technologies

Manufactured In: Fallbrook, CA
Company website: www.axeonwater.com

Established in 1989 as a manufacturer and distributor of water treatment products, Axeon Water Technologies (formerly R.O. UltraTec) is headquartered with research, engineering, manufacturing, and support facilities in Fallbrook, California. While providing customers from around the world with high quality water purification products for Point-of-Use (POU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) applications, Axeon Water has positioned itself to become a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis membranes, membrane housings, reverse osmosis systems, and filtration equipment.

Axeon Water’s extensive experience and successful track record has allowed the company to serve customers related to markets such as bottled water, car wash, water vending, dialysis, pharmaceutical, laboratory, boiler feed and many more. With many new applications and emerging markets on the horizon, Axeon Water will remain in the forefront of water treatment technology. This will allow our water treatment specialists to have an in depth understanding of the specific needs related to each of these applications and ultimately provide our customers with the results they are seeking.

Axeon Water strives to provide customers with the quality and durability they need to stay competitive. Our 20,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse allows for a wide selection of products which are in-stock and ready for immediate delivery. Axeon Water’s unique expertise in customization, specialty design, and private label manufacturing provides the ultimate resource for many customers. When it comes to customer service and the results you are looking for, the satisfaction you will experience in dealing with Axeon Water is second to none.

We are here to provide not only quality products, but also excellent customer and technical support. Our friendly and experienced staff members have a combined experience of over 50 years in the water treatment industry. We look forward to serving you and establishing a strong long-lasting business relationship.

Layne Christensen

Manufactured In: Mission Woods, KS
Company website: www.layne.com

Layne Christensen Company, headquartered in Mission Woods, Kansas, was established in 1996, through the acquisition of Christensen Boyles Corporation and Boyles Brothers Drilling Company by Layne Christensen Company History Layne, Inc. (established 1882). Layne Christensen Company, is a world leader in non-oil field contract drilling and manufacturing. Layne Christensen Company exemplifies the capabilities and expertise of an industry leader with more than two hundred years cumulative experience, operating more than 50 integrated offices worldwide, staffed with over 2900 permanent employees.

Layne Christensen Company’s principal activity is to provide drilling and related services. The company operates through four segments: Water Resources, Mineral Exploration, Geoconstruction services and Energy services. Water resources include hydrological studies and related engineering services, water well design and drilling, pump sales, installation, repair and maintenance. Geoconstruction services are used to modify weak and unstable soils, decrease water flow in bedrock and provide support and groundwater control. Energy operations offer drilling services to the shallow, unconventional oil and gas market, conventional oil field fishing services, coil tubing fishing services. Layne Christensen Company’s customers include municipalities, industrial Companies, mining Companies, consulting and engineering firms and oil and gas Companies. Reynolds, Inc. was acquired on 28-Sep-2005 and Collector Wells International, Inc. on 13-Jul-2006.

Adedge Technologies

Manufactured In: Buford, GA
Company website: www.adedgetech.com

Founded in 2002 and headquartered just north of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, AdEdge Technologies specializes in the development and supply of innovative technologies, treatment products, and systems that remove contaminants from process or aqueous steams. We are an organization based on solid deliverable, scalable, scientifically proven technology and experience for the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese and other contaminants from water. Our technology and products enable our customers to “manage the elements”…in a variety of industries… with outstanding results. They include; drinking water, industrial process, environmental, chemical, energy, medical, and general waste water industries.

AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, fluoride and uranium from water, and to date has installed hundreds of water systems for public, municipal, and industrial clients throughout all of North America as well as some projects in some of the most challenging locations in the world including China and Indonesia.

Arsenic removal from drinking water is one of the company’s core competencies and distinguishing competitive advantages. To date, AdEdge has been awarded 12 EPA demonstration projects…more than any other company in North America. We have also successfully implemented systems that serve larger communities, providing a low cost, low maintenance solution providing long term ROI with assured safe drinking water and no hazardous or environmental waste residuals.


Manufactured In: New Castle, DE
Company website: www.coolersmart.com

CoolerSmart is a subsidiary of Waterlogic International, a global leader in point of use water cooler manufacturing. Founded in 1998, CoolerSmart is a leading supplier of office and home drinking water solutions. We offer our customers advanced technologies and quality products to provide truly efficient, cost-effective alternatives to bottled water. Headquartered in Delaware, we service customers nationwide with locations throughout the United States.

CoolerSmart has grown to be one of the largest point of use water cooler companies in the country. With our national service capabilities many manufacturing, medical facilities, and franchise businesses have discovered the ease of supplying fresh, clean drinking water to their employees throughout the country without the hassles surrounding bottled water.

CoolerSmart is completely committed to quality throughout our entire sales, and service network. We retain only professional sales representatives and installation technicians who are trained and certified under the guidelines of the Water Quality Association.

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