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ProMate 6 Water Softener for Well Water

ProMate 6 well water softener

Looking for a dedicated well water softener? The ProMate 6.0 is a great water softener for well water with high iron and manganese.

Conventional softeners have a hard time flushing out the iron they collect.

The ProMate 6.0 uses a flushing technology that scrubs the system clean.

The reinforced softening media inside the system is 25% stronger.

You’ll get softer, more consistent water, for a longer time.

ProMate 6.0 Advantages

  • Better iron and manganese removal
  • More consistent soft water
  • Reinforced components last longer

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What Others Say:

I wanted good water! My softener was old and not working properly, so I was looking for a new softener and a drinking water system. I am very happy with the results: my dishes are cleaner, and the water tastes much better. Best of all, you gave me lots of choices and no pressure to buy.

Chanhassen, MN

The Sears Kenmore water softener didn’t soften very well, or take out the iron. The ProMate 6.5 is so much more efficient, and the water is much softer. The Iron Curtain has eliminated the rust stains, and works really well with the new softener. I really appreciate the time the installer took, and the additional pipe work he did to clean up our plumbing.

Orono, MN

In 2 years we barely used our Bosch dishwasher – we had to wash dishes by hand. We also had to bypass our old Culligan softener every time we watered our lawn. I was unhappy with Culligan’s service and didn’t want to fix the old machine. The new system is so much nicer and way more efficient. Re-routing the outside lines so they aren’t softened any more was a nice touch. Your company has good communication, follow up, and great systems. All my expectations have been met.

Rockford, MN

Dedicated Well Water Softener Technology

Designed for the toughest wells with high levels of iron and manganese

water softener distributor plate

Superior Flow Technology

The ProMate 6.0 Water Softener uses the same Distributor Plate as the Iron Curtain. This plate improves water flow through the system.

Standard systems pull water in the path of least resistance unevenly through the tank down towards a small cone. This reduces the resin or media’s effectiveness, and results in uneven buildup that is much harder to clean out.

The Distributor Plate runs the full width and pull water evenly through the tank for balanced loading, and a much more efficient regeneration.

Benefits include:

  • 15% more usable capacity
  • 30% less water required for backwash
  • 40% less pressure drop across system

Better Iron Removal

Resin beads become useless if their pores plug up with hard water, iron, or manganese. For resin to stay clean, it needs to backwash and flush out this foreign material.

Standard water softeners have a weak backwash that simply rises up through the resin bed like blowing bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw.

The Distributor Plate acts like an agitator in a laundry machine and sends a powerful circular flow through the resin bed. This aggressive flushing knocks out debris for superior resin cleaning.

ecomax high efficiency water softener controller

Flexible Controls for Tough Water

Most softeners lack the flexibility to handle rusty well water. The ProMate 6 Water Softener uses a 9 cycle metered controller. We can adjust each cycle and add extra flushing power with the push of a button. Higher iron levels are no match for the ProMate 6.0!

Is the ProMate 6.5 Right for You?

ProMate 6.0 Specifications

Specification PM6-8 PM6-9 PM6-10
Capacity/Tank (grains) 24,230 32,310 48,460
Mineral tank size 8" x 44" 9" x 48" 10" x 54”
Flow rate 13.1gpm 13.0gpm 14.5gpm
Regeneration Method Downflow Downflow Downflow
Inlet/Outlet connection 1.05” 1.05" 1.05"
Electrical consumption 12v 12v 12v
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