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Bottle-less Water Coolers

Bottle less water cooler

Bottled water coolers were a new idea back in the 1950’s.

Today, concern about the billions of gallons of oil used to make these bottles, and the rising cost of delivery are making bottled water coolers a little outdated.

Our bottle-less water coolers are a smart choice for businesses looking to cut costs while providing their employeess and customers fresh, clean, convenient drinking water.

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Eliminate the Bottle and Save Up to 70%

Get a nearly endless supply of clean drinking water, without the cost or hassle of bottled water.

Bottled Water Savings

Save 40-70% over Bottles

An office of 10 employees can average from 12-15 bottles per month. At a national average of $6.50 a bottle that can mean an average bottled water bill over $100.00 per month including rental of the cooler. Our price protection plan guarantees your company recurring savings year after year. We also save you valuable floorspace by eliminating the need to store bottles.

Fixed bottled water cooler cost

Fixed Invoice

Guessing how much water your employees will drink can be time consuming and inaccurate resulting in being overstocked with bottles or worse, running out of water. Our fixed price and monthly or quarterly billing allow you to manage your drinking water budget to the penny with less administrative costs. And forget about those mysterious bottle deposits too!

No lifting bottled water

No Lifting Bottled Water

Costly injuries associated with bottled water can result in lost or restricted employee workdays. Sprains and back injuries are common complaints from employees injured. Full 5 gallon bottles weigh approximately 42 lbs., and can be difficult to handle. Reducing the risk of injuries and Worker’s Compensation claims can benefit greatly to the bottom line.

No Bottled Water Contamination

No Contamination

The hole in the top of bottle water coolers can be an open doorway for bacteria, debris, and other contaminants to enter the reservoir, and end up in your cup. Our coolers are sealed to prevent tampering and contamination. With Premier Water your water is kept chilled in a choice of a stainless steel reservoir or our innovative and exclusive direct chill technology.

No Interruptions

No Interruptions

Many businesses are increasing their building security measures to maintain a safer environment for their employees. Our systems treat your water on demand, eliminating the need for deliveries of bottled water. This increases building security and reduces the need for non-employee access to your business. Less interruptions can mean a smoother workflow for your office.

Find Out How a Bottleless Cooler Can Help Your Business

Customer Reviews

“It was a pleasure working with Lars on getting a filtration system set up in our office. I’ve known Lars for a couple years and can say with certainty that he approaches his work with the utmost integrity. He brings an expert knowledge base to finding out what water system is best for his clients. I am pleased to be able to offer pure, high-quality, safe, and economically-filtered water to my patients and have already had positive remarks from several of them. I definitely recommend Lars and would be happy to answer any questions regarding his work!”
Dr. Fugleberg HealthQuest Chiropractic – Chanhassen, MN


“I don’t like bottled water coolers because of all the space they take up, and I don’t want anyone hurting their back lifting those bottles. I was renting a bottle-less water cooler from another company, but they were a hassle to deal with. I am really happy with Premier Water and the 3 coolers they’ve put in my salons. The water is cleaner, the coolers look nicer, and the service is better. My clients and employees love it!”
R. Finkelstein Great Clips – 3 locations


“We got sick of maintaining our bottled water cooler. We kept running out of bottles. The prices kept changing which was a pain. When we got water delivered, we always got too much, and had to find a place to store the extras. Nobody wanted to change the bottle when it was empty. Premier Water got us a much more cost effective solution, and A+ service. We’re very happy we switched.”
D. Bervig – Interstate Batteries

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