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UV Water Treatment

Viqua UVMax UV Water Treatment System

Your water is safe to drink today, but will it always be?

Aging infrastructure and water  main breaks increase the risk of water contamination.

This means the quality of your drinking water can change from day-to-day.

Our UV Water Treatment Systems install after your existing Water Softener or Water Filter to eliminate potential health threats from Microorganisms and Bacteria in water.

UV Water Treatment gives you piece of mind with clean, disinfected water from every tap in your home.

Get Piece of Mind with Protection from Bacteria and Virus

Think of this as a home security system for your drinking water – its there just in case you need it.

UV Microbe Destruction

How UV Purifiers Work

Water is purified as it runs through a chamber containing a UV lamp.

As water flows past the lamp, illness-causing microorganisms receive a lethal dose of UV energy.

The UV  energy destroys the DNA , and the harmful bacteria and viruses are inactivated.

UV disinfection effectiveness versus chlorine disinfection

Comparison of UV Water Treatment and Chlorine

UV Water Treatments is a cost-effective, secondary barrier of protection to safeguard drinking water.  It works against virtually all microorganisms treated by chlorine – including adenovirus.  But it also works against chlorine-resistant protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

UV Water Treatment offers a “Dual Barrier” solution that provides significantly greatersaftey and piece-of-mind.

Viqua UVMax UV system controller

UV System Controller

The UVMax controller powers the UV water bulb, protects the system from electrical spikes, and displays system performance.

Multicolor LED lights let you know each stage of the system is working optimally. A service countdown lets you know how much life the bulb has left. You ALWAYS know your system is working.

Find Out if UV Disinfection is Right for You!

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