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Arsenic Water Filter Systems

Whole House Arsenic Filter

Is arsenic in water giving you trouble? Arsenic has no smell, color, or taste. But it can be unhealthy. Levels over 10ppb can even hurt the sale of your home.

A Whole House Arsenic Filter can give you safe water from every tap in your home.

You won’t have to worry about brushing your teeth, or inhaling steam from unsafe water.

Premier Water is a leading provider for Arsenic Filters in Minnesota. We design each Whole House Arsenic Filter based on water chemistry, lifespan, and operating cost.

Arsenic Filter Benefits

  • safe drinking water at every tap
  • NSF certified performance
  • no backwash or waste water
  • longest lasting system life

Arsenic-Free Water from Every Tap in Your Home

Central system provides safe water for everyone in your home

Arsenic removal resin

High Performance Arsenic Resin

HMRG stands for Heavy Metal Reduction Granuals. HMRG Arsenic Filter Media removes both Arsenic III and Arsenic V. This means more effective arsenic reduction than other technologies.

HMRG is very hard and dense. Our filter media is rinsed with deionized water so there is no residue added to your water. It has the longest filter life, and does not breakdown or release fines into your water.

HMRG does not affect pH, taste, or smell. This eliminates corrosion problems and fishy smell common with other arsenic medias.

  • GFH
  • GFO
  • HMRG

The HMRG Advantage

  • Removes Arsenic 3, Arsenic 5, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Uranium
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Certified
  • Longest lasting
  • Highest resistance to phosphates
  • No fines
  • No backwash or waste water

Comparison of Arsenic Removal Medias

Sorbent HMRG GFO/Sorb33 GFH Adsorbia
Company Marmon Group Adedge US Filter Dow
Material Granular Granular Granular Granular
Backwash Not Required Yes Yes Yes
Arsenic Residuals No Yes (backwashed fines) Yes (backwashed fines) Yes (backwashed fines)
Minimum Contact Time 1.5 minutes 4 minutes 4 minutes 2 minutes
Chemistry Titanium Dioxide Hydrous Iron Oxide Hydrous Iron Oxide Titanium Dioxide

See How a Whole House Arsenic Filter can Help You!

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