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Carbon Water Filter Systems

Hellenbrand carbon filters remove chlorine and organics

Activated carbon does an excellent job in reducing/removing tastes, odors, organic chemicals, chlorine, and disinfectant byproducts from water supplies. Additional grades of carbon are available for specific contaminant applications.

Whole house carbon filters protect your home from chlorine oxidation damage, and help sooth sensitive skin and dry hair. Water softeners and reverse osmosis systems lifespan and efficiency are also improved with filtered water.

Commercial filter systems are used for restaurants, food services, manufacturing, and for industrial chemical removal.

Whole House Chlorine, Chloramine, and Chemical Filtration

Get clean, fresh-tasting water from every tap in your home.  Better water for bathing and showering too!

Activated Carbon Filter Media

Carbon Filter Media

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) acts like a sponge and works through a process called adsorption. Contaminant removal can be improved by using a larger filter to slow water flow through the system. We carry two different carbon formulas depending on needs: Coconut Shell Carbon (CSC): Considered the best all around media. CSC has more pores on the surface than wood or coal based carbon, which allows it to remove a wider range of chemicals. Catalytic Carbon: Premium media that has a special coating applied that improves chloramine and organic removal 8x better than CSC. Also capable of removing low levels of hydrogen sulfide and iron.

Carbon Filter Specifications

System Media Service Flow Rate Backwash Inlet/Outlet
10" x 54" 1.5 ft3 4.5gpm 5.0gpm 1", 1.25"
12" x 52" 2.0 ft3 5.0gpm 8.0gpm 1", 1.25"
13" x 54" 2.0 ft3 6.0gpm 9.0gpm 1", 1.25"
14" x 65" 3.0 ft3 9.0gpm 10.0gpm 1.25", 1.50", 2.0"
16" x 65" 4.0 ft3 12.0gpm 15.0gpm 1.25", 1.50", 2.0"
18" x 65" 5.0 ft3 15.0gpm 18.0gpm 1.25", 1.50", 2.0"
21" x 62" 6.0 ft3 18.0gpm 25.0gpm 1.25", 1.50", 2.0"
24" x 72" 8.0 ft3 24.0gpm 30.0gpm 1.50", 2.0"
30" x 72" 15.0 ft3 45.0gpm 50.0gpm 2.0"
36" x 72" 20.0 ft3 60.0gpm 70.0gpm 2.0", 3.0"
42" x 72" 30.0 ft3 90.0gpm 95.0gpm 2.0", 3.0"
48" x 72" 40.0 ft3 120.0gpm 125.0gpm 3.0"
54" x 60" 45.0 ft3 135.0gpm 160.0gpm 3.0”

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