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Ozone Iron Filter Systems

Iron Curtain Strom Iron Filter
Our Ozone Iron Filter systems are powerful Iron Filter for well water.

This single tank Iron Filter system is perfect for moderate levels of Iron – but that’s not all!

These systems use powerful Ozone Injection.

Iron Bacteria will plug up and destroy other Iron Filter systems. But not our Ozone Iron Filters!

Ozone keeps the filter much cleaner, and helps oxidize Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide.

The patented 3 micron filter bed easily traps oxidized contaminants.

Best of all, our Ozone Iron Filters uses exclusive water-saving technology.

You get clear water that smells and taste like “fresh summer rain”.

What you don’t get are chemicals, hassle, and excess water waste!

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What Others Say:

Super satisfied with our new system - the water is much improved and the entire process was very professional and smooth. Great followup, and a good company to work with. Thanks, Lars and Team!

Independence, MN

We had foul smelling water with iron staining and our previous plumbers suggestions did not work. I contacted Premier water and had a quick response. Lars was very professional and knowledgeable, and one day after installation our water problems were history!

Orono, MN

We recently moved into a house in Orono. During our inspection we smelled the stinky water but were told that it would go away with use. Wrong.

Nobody wanted to take a bath in orange rotten egg water, let alone drink it, and it certainly wasn't going away.

We called Premier Water and got connected with Lars. I am so happy we did. I called a number of water treatment dealers describing the problems and listening to very brief proposals, but he was the only one who actually scheduled a visit and came to analyze our water. I appreciate that as it tells me he really wanted to make sure he did what was right for us, not just install the "usual" system like everyone else.

After installation the water was noticeably better. Zero odor, and no more color. It's fantastic.

It is so refreshing to work with Lars, the installers, and the rest of their team. They truly care about what they are doing, and making sure the customer is happy. People like this are hard to find today.

Thank you!

Orono, MN

Lars was very patient with us and explained what system would best fit our problem water. Since the new system was installed we no longer have a horrible smell when we turn on our faucets. We no longer have to worry if our clothes will be stained when we run the washing machine because our problem has been solved!

Scott County

We set goals for solving our well water problems:
- whiter whites
- odor free water
- stain/residual free sinks, toilets and appliances
- drinking water and quality ice cubes from the tap.

The Iron Curtain Storm effectively removed the iron and manganese. Our goals were met. The PremierWater team was pleasant to work with. We wish we had done this years ago.

Hanover, MN

Ozone Iron Filters Stop Rust Stains and Bad Odors – Without Chemicals!

Powerful Iron and Odor removal using nature’s most powerful oxidant.

Ozone Disinfection helps Iron Filter for Well Water

Natural Ozone Oxidation

Our products like the Iron Curtain Storm use Ozone as natural alternative to chlorine injection.

Ozone has been used for decades in food processing and bottled water industries. It’s perfect for keeping an environment clean and fresh.

Even better, ozone water treatment does not leave a strong chemical taste like Chlorine.

Ozone Benefits:
1.5x stronger than chlorine
Eliminates mixing chemicals
Saves space by eliminating chemical pumps & solution tanks

ozone iron filter controller

Powerful System Controls

Advanced software allows us to use a single controller to operate both ozone AND air injection.. You get a simple system that can be fine-tuned exactly to your water!

The controller operates a full-flow 1.05″ diameter valve. This valve uses ultra heavy-duty components. The elegantly simple design has ZERO screws, springs, or screens to plug up or jam.

water softener and filter distributor plate

Superior Flow Technology

Premier Water’s Ozone Iron Filter systems use the same patented Distributor Plates as the standard Iron Curtain Systems.

Standard Iron Filter Systems pull water in the path of least resistance. Water flows unevenly through the tank down towards a small cone.  The filter becomes less effective. It results in uneven buildup that is much harder to flush out.

The Distributor Plate runs the full width of the tank. Water is pulled more evenly for balanced loading and more efficient regeneration.

Benefits include:
15% more capacity = fewer regenerations
30% less water required for backwash
40% less pressure drop across system

SuperScrub Cleaning System

Iron Filters need a strong “backwash” to scrub themselves clean of debris like Iron, Manganese, and especially Iron Bacteria!

Standard Iron Filters use a much weaker backwash technology. Water simply rises up through the filter bed – like blowing bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw!

The Distributor Plate acts like a laundry machine agitator. It creates a powerful circular flow through the Iron Filter media. This aggressively flushes and knocks out debris for superior cleaning.

Is an Ozone Iron Filter Right for You?

Ozone Iron Filter Specifications

Specification OZ-10-Filter OZ-12-Filter OZ-13-Filter
Combined Iron/Hydrogen Sulfide limit 6ppm 6ppm 6ppm
Mineral tank size 10" x 54" 12" x 52" 13" x 54"
Service Flow rate at 5gpm/ft2 2.7gpm 3.9gpm 4.6gpm
Peak Flow rate at 7.5gpm/ft2 4.0gpm 6.0gpm 7.0gpm
Peak Flow rate at 9gpm/ft2 4.9gpm 7.1gpm 8.3gpm
Backwash Flow rate at 11gpm/ft2 5gpm 8gpm 10gpm
Inlet/Outlet connection 1.05" 1.05" 1.05"
Electrical consumption 12v 12v 12v

*This unit is not intended to aid in the mitigation of microorganisms and is not duly registered as a pesticidal device.

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