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Iron Curtain Junior Filter Systems

Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Junior

Hellenbrand’s Iron Curtain Junior is a single tank system that is designed to remove moderate levels of iron and odor in homes with lower water use.

A custom programmed controller automatically maintains a pocket of air inside the filter to oxidize iron and hydrogen sulfide.

Once oxidized, a multi-media filter bed traps these contaminants.  The only thing you see is fresh, clean water.

Best of all, the Iron Curtain Junior is chemical-free, and incorporates Hellenbrand’s latest water-saving features.

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What Others Say:

When we moved to Deephaven we were told the water had a lot of rust. Our water also tested out with high arsenic. We needed a better system than the old Culligan softener. We really like the iron filter. No more stains, and no more odor. We appreciated having the water re-tested to make sure the arsenic is gone. Your staff is very nice, professional, and do great work.

Deephaven, MN

Both our old Greensand Iron Filter and Sears Water Softener broke down at the same time. The Sears was only 5 years old! We wanted to stop using the purple permanganate powder, and wanted something better for iron removal. The Iron Curtain Junior has been great. No orange iron stains, and no chemicals. The ProMate 6.5 softener uses a lot less salt, and there’s no more hard water film on our counters.

Mound, MN

Our Surge Premier water softener had been serviced several times, and the Surge Iron Filter completely failed after only 5 years. We had no water pressure, rust stains, and very bad smell. The new Iron Filter system has solved all of our water problems. We have much higher pressure as well.

Plymouth, MN

We wanted to have our well water tested to find out how we could fix it. You have a very good company that educated us on our water issues. The iron filter got rid of all our rust and smell, and we really like the filtered water system for drinking water. Thank you for treating us so well.

Victoria, MN

Simple, Chemical-Free Iron Removal

A perfect solution for removing low levels of Iron.

Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Junior controller

Powerful System Controls

The Iron Curtain Junior’s controller was custom programmed to accurately inject air at the correct time during the regeneration process.  It can be fine-tuned with multiple rinse and backwash cleaning cycles for enhanced removal of the nastiest water!

The controller operates a full-flow 1.05″ diameter valve.  This valve uses ultra heavy-duty components, and is elegantly simple with no screws, springs, or screens to plug up or jam.

water softener and filter distributor plate

Superior Flow Technology

The Iron Curtain Junior uses the same patented Vortech Plates as the standard Iron Curtain Systems.

Standard iron filter systems pull water in the path of least resistance unevenly through the tank down towards a small cone.  This reduces the filter media’s effectiveness, and results in uneven buildup that is much harder to flush out.

The Vortech Plate runs the full width and pull water evenly through the tank for balanced loading, and a much more efficient regeneration.

Benefits include:
15% more capacity = fewer regenerations
30% less water required for backwash
40% less pressure drop across system

Enhanced Cleaning System

If filter beds cake up with iron, manganese, or bacteria, they lose their functionality. For filters to stay clean, they need to backwash and flush out this foreign material.

Standard iron filters have a weak backwash that simply rises up through the filter bed like blowing bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw.

The Hellenbrand Vortech Plate acts like an agitator in a laundry machine and sends a powerful circular flow through the filter bed. This aggressive flushing knocks out debris for superior filter media cleaning.

Is the Iron Curtain Junior Right for You?

Iron Curtain Junior Specifications

Specification IC-10-jr IC-12-jr IC-13-jr
Combined Iron/Hydrogen Sulfide limit 4ppm 4ppm 4ppm
Mineral tank size 10" x 54" 12" x 52" 13" x 54"
Service Flow rate at 5gpm/ft2 2.7gpm 3.9gpm 4.6gpm
Peak Flow rate at 7gpm/ft2 3.8gpm 5.5gpm 6.5gpm
Peak Flow rate at 9gpm/ft2 4.9gpm 7.1gpm 8.3gpm
Backwash Flow rate at 11gpm/ft2 5gpm 8gpm 10gpm
Inlet/Outlet connection 1.05" 1.05" 1.05"
Electrical consumption 12v 12v 12v
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