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Water Tests for City and Well Water

A Water Test can be a helpful tool for a number of reasons:

  • Required to design a water treatment system
  • Diagnose how well water treatment equipment is functioning
  • Ensure private well water meets health standards
  • Sell or refinance a home or business

Premier Water has the capability to assist you with a variety of drinking water tests:

Basic Water Test – FREE

We offer a basic water test at no charge. This service is valued at $69.50 and is adequate to troubleshoot or design most water equipment. Additional/repeat testing for each parameter is available for only $5.00 per test.

Total Hardness gpg of CaCO3 ($8.50 value)
Total Iron ppm ($8.50 value)
Total Chlorine ppm ($8.50 value)
Total Dissolved Solids ppm ($8.50 value)
pH ($9.50 value)

Well Water Testing

Well water can pose a different set of challenges than municipal water in the Twin Cities. Our well water testing package, valued at $62.50, is a nice addition to our basic service. You can have these additional well water tests added to the basic water tests for only $20.00.

Total Manganese ppm ($8.50 value)
Total Nitrate ppm ($16.00 value)
Total Alkalinity ppm ($7.50 value)
Tannins ppm ($12.00 value)
Saturation Index ($8.50 value)
Oxidation Reduction Potential mV ($10.00 value)

Specialized Water Testing Service

Many of these tests are geared towards well water, however, some of the contaminants could be present in city water. Please call us at (952) 479-4553 if you would like to discuss these water tests.

$46.00 Arsenic (Total) in ppb (MN Dept. of Health Certified)
$32.00 Chromium (Total) in ppb (MN Dept. of Health Certified)
$46.00 Copper in ppm
$46.00 Lead ppb (MN Dept. of Health Certified)
$44.00 Nitrate ppb (MN Dept. of Health Certified)
$20.00 Total Coliform Bacteria (presence/absence) (MN Dept. of Health Certified)
$62.00 Iron Bacteria Test (presence/absence)
$62.00 Sulfur Bacteria Test (presence/absence)
$399.00 Herbicides and Pesticides Test ppb
$150.00 Volatile Organic Chemicals ppb
$25.00 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) (MN Dept. of Health Certified)

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