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Premier Profile Water Softener

Premier Profile 2.5 Water Softener

The Premier Profile 2.5 water softener series is a budget-friendly water softener that doesn’t skimp on quality.

The Profile 2.5 series is based on Pargreen’s latest water softener valve technology.

With Pargreen’s 50+ years of engineering and manufacturing experience, you can be confident the Premier Profile 2.5 softener will give you great soft water for many years.

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Durable, Reliable Water Softener – Made in Illinois!

Get clear soft water from this reliable, budget-friendly water softener

Premier Profile 2.5 Water Softener Controller with Pentair 5800 sxt valve

User-Friendly Controls

The Profile Series controller uses fully-adjustable, on-demand software.

On-demand technology measures your water use, and only regenerates as needed. This can save up to 30% water and salt use over older time-based water softeners.

Each cycle is fully adjustable, and all settings are backed up during power loss. This gives us the ability to fine tune this system to your water – something you won’t find in this price range.

Is the Profile Water Softener Right for You?

Profile Specifications

Specification PR-32 PR-48 PR-64
Capacity (grains) 32,310 48,460 64,620
Mineral tank size 9" x 48" 10" x 54" 12" x 52"
Resin volume 1.0 ft3 1.5 ft3 2.0 ft3
Flow rate 9.8gpm 10.1gpm 10.5gpm
Inlet/Outlet connection 1.05" 1.05" 1.05"
Electrical consumption 12v 12v 12v
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