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Iron Curtain Filter Systems

Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Iron Filter System

Hellenbrand’s H125 series Iron Curtain filter is a patented 2-stage filtration system.

It has been independently tested, certified, and rated as the most effective iron and odor removal system on the market!

Stage One
The system uses a patented pre-treatment system to oxidize and precipitate contaminants like iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese.

Stage Two
An exclusive filter bed to trap and remove these contaminants – once and for all! The Iron Curtain is your best choice for completely iron-free, odor-free, and iron bacteria-free water!

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What Others Say:

We had 2 Greensand Iron Filters from Big Iron Drilling that failed to clean out the iron from our well water. We also had a constant sulfur smell. The new chlorine system works a lot better, and I don’t have to deal with Potassium Permanganate any more!

Carver, MN

Our well driller came out, the plumber came out, finally we had your company out. We just COULD NOT get the iron and odor filtered out of the water for a constant, clean water supply. We wanted water that was always clean, odor-free and soft. We wanted a solution that would work. We really appreciated your willingness to listen to our concerns and work to figure out the best solution. The follow up after the system was installed to make sure it was performing, and that we were happy was a nice touch. Since we installed the Iron Curtain we have no odor! My freshly washed clothes used to smell off. Now they smell like a clean fresh load of laundry. Brushing my teeth is no longer a gross experience with smelly water. Your staff worked very hard to solve our water issues, and truly care about customer satisfaction.

Deephaven, MN

The odor and rust is gone. We used to get complaints about a rotten egg smell but we don’t get those anymore. The drinking water is clean and tastes great.

Deephaven, MN

I was in the middle of a kitchen remodel and didn’t want my new appliances to get destroyed like the old ones. We had constant rust problems that were affecting our home and my wife’s hair too. I also wanted to replace that Culligan water cooler with a system that would give me clean drinking water. You did an excellent job setting up my system and explained everything thoroughly to me. I now give my water 5 out of 5 stars!

Deephaven, MN

We needed a solution for our high iron and 58ppb Arsenic in our well water. Thank you for the great education on our water. We appreciated the info and all of the patience. The iron filter is great – NO MORE STAINS!!! Now our drinking water is safe and it tastes great too. Absolutely great service.

Deephaven, MN

We had a Culligan system that never worked, and they were slow to respond to service calls. We were constantly cleaning filters/changing salt types and never had water that wasn’t hard, didn’t have any odor/color or felt soft in shower. I like the fact that you were up front in your evaluation, and explained exactly what we needed. The new system is great. We’re using much less salt, and there are no more orange walls in the shower. The water doesn’t smell and tastes much better. The only issue we had was a valve that the installer forgot to turn back on. Your company actually called to follow up with us before we called you, and it was an easy fix. Overall, you have a quality conscious company with great customer service.

Jordan, MN

The previous water company we dealt with had poor service and we still had rust stains in the toilets even with the iron filter. The new iron filter you installed works so much better than the old one. No more stains, and the water pressure is noticeably better. We’re very happy with our system and would recommend you without a doubt.

Minnetrista, MN

We had a 6 year old iron filter system that was severely reducing our water pressure. The new iron system has greatly improved our water pressure, and the water is no longer cloudy looking like it was with our old system. Thanks for all the good information and explanation of our options. Your reps were very helpful and know a lot more about iron filter technology and well water in general.

Mound, MN

The Ecowater softener could not take out the iron, and we were getting some staining around the house. There was also a rotten egg smell in our water. Your company was very patient with explaining everything & what we needed to do. There is ZERO ODOR and no more dingy clothes or staining in the bathrooms. You have a great company with great follow through.

New Market, MN

The Surge iron filter and softener were too small for our family. Since they were shot, I wanted to replace them. The new system is great. Our water is clear, soft, and the odor is gone. You got rid of the rust – something the old setup never did.

Orono, MN

The Kinetico softener made our water feel slimy, and we did not like the way our hair of skin felt. Rust was really our main problem, and we liked the idea of using a dedicated iron filter instead of a softener. The Hellenbrand Iron Curtain works great – our water is totally rust-free and we don’t have to use salt. Your company is very easy to work with – no hard sell. We were able to make our decision on our own timetable.

Orono, MN

Our old Greensand Iron Filter was high maintenance and stopped working. The iron content in our water was too high…bad tasting, and smelling. This is a great new Iron Filter. The chlorine is easy to add, and the system works so well. Definitely recommended.

Shakopee, MN

After 10 years of inadequate iron treatment, tweaked unsuccessfully several times at considerable expense, we wanted a system that could adequately filter the iron so our water is drinkable and useable. Our new Iron Curtain Filter system has completely solved our iron problem and restored our water pressure.

Shorewood, MN

Industry-Leading System for Iron and Odor Removal

Using the air we breathe for chemical-free Iron and Odor removal

Iron Filter Air Pump

On-Demand Oxidation

If iron and hydrogen sulfide are not completely oxidized, they cannot be removed by an iron filter

Other systems on the market “guess” how much air or chlorine to inject which often leads to incomplete oxidation.

The H125 Iron Curtain’s smart controller measures your water usage to automatically adjust the air or chlorine injection pump.  This means you get the exact oxidation you need based on your water’s chemistry and your water usage.

Hellenbrand Iron Curtain H125 Iron Filter Controller

Powerful System Controls

The H125’s smart controller has the flexibility of up to 9 cycle operation.  It can be fine-tuned with multiple rinse and backwash cleaning cycles for enhanced removal of the nastiest water!

The controller is paired with a large 1.25″ diameter light-commercial valve.  This valve uses ultra heavy-duty components, and is elegantly simple with no screws, springs, or screens to plug up or jam.

water softener and filter distributor plate

Superior Flow Technology

The H125 Iron Curtain uses Hellenbrand’s patented Vortech Plates for a massive improvement over conventional iron filters.

Standard iron filter systems pull water in the path of least resistance unevenly through the tank down towards a small cone.  This reduces the filter media’s effectiveness, and results in uneven buildup that is much harder to flush out.

The Vortech Plate runs the full width and pull water evenly through the tank for balanced loading, and a much more efficient regeneration.

Benefits include:

  • 15% more capacity = fewer regenerations
  • 30% less water required for backwash
  • 40% less pressure drop across system

Enhanced Cleaning System

If filter beds cake up with iron, manganese, or bacteria, they lose their functionality. For filters to stay clean, they need to backwash and flush out this foreign material.

Standard iron filters have a weak backwash that simply rises up through the filter bed like blowing bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw.

The Hellenbrand Vortech Plate acts like an agitator in a laundry machine and sends a powerful circular flow through the filter bed.  This aggressive flushing knocks out debris for superior filter media cleaning.

Iron Filter for Irrigation

Irrigation Iron Filter Systems

The Hellenbrand H125 Iron Curtain may be configured as a single, twin, triplex, quad, five-plex, or six-plex iron filter system.
Multi-tank systems allow for higher flow rates for heavy water use like irrigation.  They also have several advantages over single tank systems:
Never run out of iron-free water
Multiple tanks operate in parallel during service.  When regeneration occurs, the motorized valve alternates between tanks to give you 24 hours of iron and odor-free water.  This is ideal for irrigation where 1000’s of gallons may be used.
Filtered water backwash
 Clean water is used for ALL backwash and rinse cleaning cycles.  This is beneficial with 6ppm+ Iron as it will help filter media stay cleaner, and also reduces wear on mechanical components.
Higher flow rates
When all tanks are run in parallel, you can achieve 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6x the flow rate of a single tank system.  This is ideal for homes with irrigation, or walk-in showers with multiple sprayer heads that require an unusually high flow rates.

Is the Iron Curtain Filter Right for You?

Iron Curtain Filter Specifications

Specification IC-10 IC-12 IC-13 IC-14 IC-16
Mineral tank size 10" x 54" 12" x 52" 13" x 54" 14" x 65" 16" x 65"
Service Flow rate at 5gpm/ft2 2.7gpm 3.9gpm 4.6gpm 5.3gpm 7.0gpm
Peak Flow rate at 7gpm/ft2 3.8gpm 5.5gpm 6.4gpm 7.5gpm 10.0gpm
Peak Flow rate at 9gpm/ft2 4.9gpm 7.1gpm 8.3gpm 9.6gpm 12.6gpm
Backwash Flow rate at 11gpm/ft2 5gpm 8gpm 10gpm 12gpm 15gpm
Inlet/Outlet connection 1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25"
Electrical consumption 12v 12v 12v 12v 12v

Single tank specifications – also available in twin, tri-plex, quad, five-plex, and six-plex systems.

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