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Reverse Osmosis Faucets, Tanks, Pumps

Reverse osmosis faucet, RO tanks, and RO pumps

A complete water purifier or reverse osmosis system is more than just a collection of filters and membranes.

The faucet for your RO should blend in with the style of your home.  We carry 3 different faucet styles in a variety of finishes to reflect your style.

Do you need hot, cold, or room temperature water?  You can pair a dual temperature faucet with instant chillers, heaters, or both!

We can customize your system with a larger storage tank to make sure you have enough pure water for beverages, cooking, PLUS ice makers, humidifiers, and more!

Customize Your Drinking Water System

Get the style you need to match your home’s decor, get the features you need for your family!

Reverse Osmosis Faucets

Reverse Osmosis Faucets

Add a touch of class to your gourmet kitchen with our designer reverse osmosis faucets.  The solid, lead-free brass construction feels as good as it looks. All faucets feature a smooth operating ceramic disk element, lever style handle, 12″ high reach neck, and a protective spout tip to prevent drips.

  • Air Gap available on all models
  • 1.0gpm Flow Rate
  • NSF listed to ANSI NSF Std. 61
  • Smooth operating Ceramic Disc operation
Dual Faucet with Instant Hot and Cold

Instant Hot, Cold or Both!

We carry commercial-grade instant hot water heaters, as well as instant cold water chillers.
You no longer have to settle for one temperature of water either. When paired with a dual temperature reverse osmosis faucet, you can combine room temperature, instant hot, and instant cold water.

  • Hot water faucets “Self Close” for safety
  • Both Hot and Cold require vented faucets
  • 0.5gpm Instant Hot Flow Rate
  • Hot temperature adjustable from 140-190 F
  • Thermoelectric technology converts electricity into cooling power to chill water
  • Big 3 quart reservoir delivers over two gallons of cold water per day
  • Stainless Steel Reservoirs
Reverse Osmosis Storage Tanks

Reverse Osmosis Tanks

AMTROL has been manufacturing Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tanks for over 4 decades.
Their tank design uses a polypropylene and butyl water reservoir that has less rubber/water contact than traditional bladder tanks. In addition to ensuring water quality, AMTROL’s pioneering diaphragm design provides longest life and most complete water discharge.

  • Made in USA
  • NSF, ISO, CE certified
  • Patented AMTROL diaphragm
Model Tank Volume Storage Volume Dimensions Pre-Charge
RO-2 2 gallons 1.3 gallons 8"W x 13"H 5psi
RO-3 3.2 gallons 2.0 gallons 9"W x 14.5"H 5psi
RO-4 4.4 gallons 2.8 gallons 11"W x 15"H 5psi
RO-10 10 gallons 6.6 gallons 16"W x 18"H 5psi
RO-14 14 gallons 11 gallons 16"W x 24"H 5psi
RO-20 20 gallons 11 gallons 16"W x 32"H 5psi
RO-34 34 gallons 18.2 gallons 23"W x 31"H 5psi
RO-44 44 gallons 24.1 gallons 23"W x 37"H 5psi
RO-86 86 gallons 47.2 gallons 27"W x 50”H 5psi
Reverse Osmosis Pump

Reverse Osmosis Pumps

Do you need more water pressure, or do you want to fill up a large stock pot a little faster?

With a powerful delivery pump and a centrally-installed reverse osmosis system, you can have pure water pumped to as many locations as you want!

We also stock booster pumps and permeate pumps to increase the water pressure feeding the system to improve system efficiency and water quality.

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