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HERO - Whole House Reverse Osmosis

HERO whole house reverse osmosis

The HERO™ Whole House Reverse Osmosis System gives you soft, purified water from every faucet in your home!

This means no bottled water. No separate drinking water faucets. No hauling salt.

You get pure, clean water for drinking water AND bathing. It’s better for you. It’s better for your home.

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What Others Say:

We had a small Kenmore RO and a Culligan water softener. We had poor water pressure, poor rust removal, and very limited arsenic control. Our Sub Zero could not make ice any more. Thank you for the good advice to help us plan our new system during the remodel. With the new HERO our water pressure is awesome, and our water quality is outstanding! No water spots, soft, tastes good, no rust, no arsenic.

Deephaven, MN

My previous Surge softener was old and not very efficient. I wanted better water quality, and a salt-free system that actually worked! The HERO is great! My water tastes/smells better, and there are no stains in the toilet bowls. Your staff is always easy to reach and helpful if I have questions.

Inver Grove Heights, MN

We moved into a new LeGran Home that didn’t have a softener. We tried a Kenmore softener from Sears, but it couldn’t handle our well water. Our 2nd attempt was with a Commers iron filter that helped, but we still had rusty, stinky water when we filled our bath tubs. Turns out we had 55ppb Arsenic and needed a solution for clean water. Lars put together a plan that addressed our needs since our previous system did not fix our problems. Premier Water is a good company with nice people that do what they say they will. Their install was very clean and timely. We now have really clean water with no iron, odor, or arsenic! I thought Lars had our interest at heart.

Shorewood, MN

We really didn’t like the way the Ecowater softener made our water feel slimy. Our well water also had a bad smell. We wanted clear soft water without the icky slimy feeling. Now we have soft water that cleans dishes really well and tastes refreshing. No more odor, and the toilet stains are gone. I am very happy with everything.

Shorewood, MN

Salt-Free Softening + Pure Water at Every Tap!

The ultimate whole house water purifier – powered by membrane technology

4 Stage Water Treatment Process

whole house sediment filter

Sediment Filter

Filtered water passes through a 10 micron filter to remove larger particles like sediment, turbidity, and sand.

whole house carbon filter

Mixed Media Filter

Ultra-slow water flow through a mixed-media filter removes chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and volatile organics.

whole house reverse osmosis

Membrane Process

Patented clean water technology removes up to 99% of substances like hard water, arsenic, salts, and metals.

ozone water purifier

Ozone Disinfection

Natural ozone generation keeps the purified water safe from bacteria while stored in an FDA certified storage tank.

HERO membrane technology makes soft pure water

Innovative Membrane Technology

HERO stands for “High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis”. This system revolves around a new high efficiency membrane technology that uses a proprietary thin film polymer.

These membranes are up to 80% more efficient than standard systems, and can produce a high volume of ultra-pure water with minimal waste.

Our design allows the membrane to resist scaling, and can be used as a no-salt water softener.

High pressure delivery pump

High Output Performance

If care is not taken, standard softeners and filters often reduce water pressure in the home or business. The HERO stores pure water in an FDA certified tank.

When you need water, a high output variable speed pump boosts pressure up to 65psi and delivers up to 19gpm of pure, fresh water!

Even higher performance systems can be used for larger homes and businesses with 1.25″, 1.50″, and even 2.0″ and 3.0″ plumbing!

Is the HERO System Right for You?

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