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Water Softener Systems

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Water Softeners offer critical protection for homes in the Twin Cities.

Why? Because hard water in Minnesota is 3-5x worse than the national average!

Fortunately hard water is not a health risk. But it is a major nuisance that destroys plumbing, appliances, clothing, and glassware.

The water softeners we carry were selected based on water and salt efficiency, reliability, value, and our 30+ years of local experience and research.

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City Water Softeners

DMT Hybrid System

The DMT Hybrid System combines high efficiency water softener technology with whole house carbon filtration.  You get soft, chemical-free water from every tap in your home!

EcoMax Duo Water Softener

The EcoMax Duo twin tank water softener combines industry-leading efficiency with unmatched reliability. This is THE ultimate residential water softener.

EcoMax HE Water Softener

The EcoMax is a single tank high efficiency water softener. You get huge water and salt savings – but with a smaller footprint.

Well Water Softeners

ProMate 7.0 Water Softener

The ProMate 7.0 is the best water softener for well water.  You’ll save water and salt while fighting hard water and iron

ProMate 6.0 Water Softener

The ProMate 6.0 is a single tank well water softener designed for high levels of iron and manganese.

E3 Water Softener

The E3 Series water softening systems condition water effectively and adjust to your family’s changing water usage patterns. Available in different sizes to meet every family’s needs.

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