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ProMate 7 Twin Tank Water Softener for Well Water

ecomax duo twin tank water softener

Sick of dealing with hard, rusty well water? The ProMate 7.0 is the best water softener for well water.

Standard softeners try to flush themselves clean with raw well water. That doesn’t work very well.

The ProMate 7.0 uses a vigorous flushing technology with clear, soft water.

This cuts down on “wear and tear” on moving parts. It does a better job of regenerating and cleaning.

You get better softening. Better reliability. You save water and salt too.

ProMate 7.0 Advantages

  • Better iron and manganese removal
  • Longer system life
  • Less water and salt
  • Never run out of soft water

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What Others Say:

Great system - our water is very nice and the system is pretty much fool proof. Premier did a great job all around - initial evaluation, installation and follow up support.

Greenfield, MN

Lars and his team from Premier did a wonderful job determining what we needed and getting it installed. After meeting Lars we could tell he was very knowledgeable and actually enjoys what he does. Absolutely no sales pressure to buy one of their units. We've had the ProMate 7 Twin for just over a month now and the follow up visit water test confirmed what we thought, our water is softer now than its been in 13 years. It was definitely worth the upgrade from our previous system.

Elk River, MN

The Best Water Softener for Well Water

Better protection from hard water and iron – plus huge savings in water and salt!

twin tank water softener regeneration

The Twin Tank Advantage

No Wasted Capacity
Standard water softeners need up to 30% “reserve capacity” to avoid running out of soft water when you have a spike in demand. In the real world, 17% of total capacity is never used – but it still gets cleaned with salt during regeneration.

Our Twin Tank Water Softener uses 100% capacity. No more wasteful reserve. No more running out of soft water when you have that random heavy laundry day!

More Effective
Studies show soft water improves cleaning power in dishwashers – the same is true in water softeners.

The 2nd tank provides soft water for your home + soft water for rinsing and cleaning the 1st tank once capacity is reached. Single Tank Softeners have to clean with raw hard water. Soft water regeneration works better – hands down!

water softener distributor plate

Superior Flow Technology

Water flows in the path of least resistance.

Most Water Softeners use a cone with very little surface area to direct water through the tank. This results in uneven flow with more hardness collecting in the middle of the tank. This reduces softening effectiveness. Heavy buildup is also much harder to remove, and requires more salt.

Our Distributor Plates run the full width of the tank. Water flows evenly through the tank. You get balanced loading, more usable capacity, and better regeneration.

Distributor Plate Benefits:

  • 15% more usable capacity
  • 30% less water required for backwash
  • 40% less pressure drop across system

Enhanced Cleaning System

If resin bead pores plug up with Hard Water, Iron, or dirt, they lose their functionality. For resin to stay clean, it needs to backwash and flush out this foreign material.

The cone distributor in most Softeners delivers a weak backwash – water slowly rises up through the resin bed (like blowing bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw).

The Distributor Plate acts like an agitator in a laundry machine. Circular water flow blasts through the resin bed. This aggressive flushing knocks out debris for superior resin cleaning.

promate 7.0 water softener controller

Smart System Controls

Non-electric softeners with fixed mechanical gears are like Frankenstein – they have no brain! Our Twin Tank Water Softener is run by a user-friendly digital controller. 9 optional cleaning cycles allow us to fine-tune the system to your water quality – even if it changes.

Is a Twin Tank Softener Right for You?

ProMate 7.0 Twin Water Softener Specifications

Specification PM7-8 PM7-9 PM7-10
Capacity/Tank (grains) 48,460 64,620 96,920
Mineral tank size 8" x 44" 9" x 48" 10" x 54”
Flow rate 13.1gpm 13.0gpm 14.5gpm
Regeneration Method Downflow Downflow Downflow
Inlet/Outlet connection 1.05” 1.05" 1.05"
Electrical consumption 12v 12v 12v
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