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Minnesota City Water Guide

Doesn’t the city treat the water?

The answer is usually YES! Keep in mind that the goal of your city’s municipal treatment plant is immediate safety. They need to make sure that your water does not contain bacteria, pathogens, or virus’ that pose an immediate health risk.

On average, only 3% of city water is used inside a residential home. And only about 1/2% is ever used for drinking water. Factories, industry, golf courses, and residential irrigation make up the other 97% of city water consumption.

With that in mind, it would be hard to justify the cost of providing an entire city with high purity water as most of it would never be consumed! The good news, is that it is very affordable for you to improve your water quality to the level you desire. Just like you, businesses that use water are in charge of improving the quality to meet their standards. You can bet that any business that serves beverages or food has treated water.

Detailed City Water Guide PLUS Annual Drinking Water Reports

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