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Water Filter Cartridge Tank System

Cartridge Tank Filter System

Are you tired of replacing small water filter cartridges?

2.5″ and 4″ filters are small, inefficient, and have limited capacity. They can plug up quickly. Killing your water pressure, and potentially damage other water treatment equipment.

The Cartridge Tank is a patent-pending filtration system that is a perfect replacement for those small inline water filters.

Cartridge Tank filters often last 10-15x longer, and can support flow rates up to 150gpm!

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What Others Say:

The high chlorine level in our water was really drying out our skin. We didn't like the smell or taste either. This filter was a really good fix. We have great tasting water, and everyone says their skin feels better.

Minneapolis, MN

I was looking for a water treatment system for my entire house and this works fantastic. I noticed the difference immediately. My water feels like lotion now. Thank you.

Maple Grove

A Compact Solution for Superior Whole House Filtration

Get super-high quality water, great pressure, and minimal maintenance!

Cartridge Tank Features

Cartridge Tank Features

The Cartridge Tank is an NSF 61 listed device that is 100% US made.

The exclusive FDA-compliant co-polymer polypropylene liner provides superior performance in both hot and cold temperature environments. It also has superior chemical, impact and abuse resistance.

100% non-metallic design has easy-to-access openings for quick filter changes, and can be used with multiple filtration solutions.

Cartridge Tank Filter Change

Easy Filter Changes

The “no tools necessary” snap ring design makes it easy to remove the filter inside. Full radial seal top and bottom caps make replacement simple.

Each filter comes with a unique handle designed top cap for lightweight and easy removal, a bag for proper disposal, and a double o-ring bottom connection into the Cartridge Tank™ plumbing adapter for secure connections.

whole house chlorine water filter

Carbon Filter Cartridges

The perfect whole house filter solution for improved taste, odor, and piece of mind. Unique filter structure removes chlorine and organic chemicals, as well as protection against bacteria and cysts.
Special dual layer pleated filter design uses Powder Activated Carbon media that is infused with Agion Biostat to prevent bacteria growth.

A thermally bonded blend of micro-glass fibers and cellulose is infused with nanoalumina fibers. Each square meter of this unique filter fiber has over 42,000 square meters of surface area! They are combined in a non-woven matrix that creates an electropositively charged depth filter media.

Our solution is unmatched in terms of efficiency, capacity, flow rate and low pressure drop:

  • 35gpm flow rate with < 8psi pressure drop
  • Tested to NSF 42 standards for >200,000 gallons chlorine removal
  • >99.99% Efficiency at 0.2 microns (latex spheres)
  • >4 LRV Cyst Retention
  • >5 LRV Klebsiella terrigena Retention
whole house sediment filter

Dual Layer Filter Cartridges

Do you have city or well water that has problems with Dirt, Sediment, or low levels of Iron?
This series provides higher water quality and longer life than any other filtration system. As raw water passes through the filter, there is lower shear water velocity, and more contact time and interaction with the filter’s extensive surface area.

The filters will outperform competitive cartridge filtration solutions in all turbidity applications including:

  • Iron, bacterial iron slime
  • Colloidal solids, silt, rust, and other particle filtration
  • 30gpm flow rate with < 3psi pressure drop

Want Better Water for Your Home and Family?

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