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Commercial Water Treatment

commercial water treatment systems

Commercial water treatment requires special knowledge of both water chemistry and engineering.  Don’t risk the operation of your business with a poorly designed commercial water system!

Premier Water can help you find the water quality, flow rate and volumetric requirement you need.

We understand the needs for restaurants, apartments, and manufacturing facilities.

You’ll get a system that delivers the water quality and performance your business needs.


commercial water softener

Commercial Softeners

Protect your mechanicals from hard water!  Our metered softeners are available in single, twin, triplex, and quad systems that range from 24,000 to 3,000,000 grains capacity for unlimited soft water capacity.

commercial water filter

Commercial Water Filters

Our commercial filters come in multiple configurations to supply over 1,300 gallons per minute of filtered water. See our line of commercial Iron Filters, Carbon Filters, and specialty filters.

commercial reverse osmosis

Commercial Purification

Our commercial Reverse Osmosis systems can supply over 200,000 gallons of ultra-pure water a day.  We can help restaurants, printers, and laboratories find the correct level of water quality for their needs.

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