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Whole House Reverse Osmosis for Luxury Home in Orono, MN

by Aug 8, 2019

whole house ro system for luxury home in artisan tour orono, mn

A Whole House Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate water treatment system. Fresh, clean, purified water at every tap. You drink it, bathe in it, and even clean with it. The Artisan Tour features custom homes that are beyond luxury. They are homes built by the true artisans of every trade.

Premier Water was selected by Hendel Homes to provide this beautiful home with perfect water. Read more to see what we did!

Common Orono, MN Well Water Problems

This home has a private well with a high level of Total Dissolved Solids. Those solids leave behind spotty residue, and can affect the taste of water and clarity of ice.

We also had to control a high level of water hardness and iron to protect the plumbing and appliances from damage.

whole house reverse osmosis orono, mn

Purified, Clean Water at Every Tap

Purifying well water with multiple water problems takes a well engineered approach. We designed a system with limited maintenance that would give our clients the pure, fresh water that they wanted. Here are the two main stages to our system:

Iron Curtain Filter

Iron Curtain Filter

First, we started with an Iron Curtain Filter to help reduce the iron levels in the water. The Iron Curtain uses compressed air to oxidize metals like iron, manganese, and arsenic. This helps protect our HERO system from iron damage, and helps control rust stains.

  • Stops rust stains and odors
  • Helps reduce arsenic levels
  • Reduces sediment down to 20 microns
HERO Whole House Reverse Osmosis

HERO Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Next, we used our HERO system to soften and purify the water. HERO stands for “High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis”. Our HERO system uses membranes to reduce water hardness instead of salt. It also reduces up to 99% of other total dissolved solids and impurities like arsenic. The result is soft, purified water at every tap.

  • Effective solution for hard water
  • Reduces total dissolved solids like arsenic
  • Neutralizing system gives you purified, ph-balanced water

No Impurities, Hard Water, or Rust Stains

Imagine taking your morning shower in fresh rain water. No slippery soft water feeling. Just clean, fresh water.

Pick any sink in the house. You’ll get the cleanest drinking water you can imagine. Purified water is perfect steam showers too. Why risk inhaling water contaminants when you’re trying to relax?

Now the water here is just as spectacular as the home it flows through!

Do You Need Safer, Cleaner Water?

Contact us for a FREE water test and estimate.  Our systems range from basic water softeners, all the way to custom whole house reverse osmosis systems like this project. We can help you find the right water system for your home and family.

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