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Whole House Water Filter Systems

whole house water filter clean and dirty water

Sometimes you need more than a water softener to protect your home and family.

When you have undesirable elements in your water, you need the right equipment and field expertise to guarantee results.

Our water filter product line ranges from simple whole-house sediment filters, to specialized chlorine, bacteria, and arsenic filters.

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ENVI Vitaro whole house RO

HERO Whole House RO

The HERO system uses a high efficiency membrane technology to provide salt-free softening and whole house purification.  This is the ultimate system with purified drinking water at every tap!

Arsenic Filter System

Arsenic Filters

Our Whole House Arsenic Filters feature a patented titanium dioxide arsenic resin. This resin is a significant improvement on the efficiency, longevity, capacity, and kinetics of adsorptive arsenic media.

Enpress Cartridge Tank whole house filter

Cartridge Tank Filters

The Cartridge Tank Water Filter System is a flexible commercial and whole house filter. Longer lasting, with better performance than little inline filters. Multiple filter options can support flow rates up to 150gpm!

Whole House Carbon Filter System

Carbon Filters

Hellenbrand’s residential and commercial backwashing carbon and catalytic filters are designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, volatile organics, hydrogen sulfide and even trace amounts of ferric iron.

Nitrate Filter System

Nitrate Filters

Keep your water safe, and meet EPA and MN Dept of Health standards with Hellenbrand’s residential and commercial nitrate filters. Systems are available in single and multi-tank designs to handle various applications.

GE Homepring Ultrafiltration System


The GE Homespring Ultrafiltration Systems are a “Green” solution for whole-house/business water purification that remove bacteria, virus, and parasites to produce 99.99999% microbiologically pure water.

Tannin Filter System

Tannin Filters

Tannin-free water is easy with Hellenbrand’s residential and commercial tannin filters. They are available in single and multi-tank designs to handle a wide variety of applications that need color-free water.

Viqua UVMax UV Water Treatment System

UV Water Treatment

Ulraviolet (UV) Systems are an effective, chemical-free technology to control bacteria and virus in water.  You get piece of mind knowing that the water coming out of every tap in your home is safe.

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