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Minnesota Water Quality

Water = Hydrogen + Oxygen. That’s all… But water is also nature’s perfect solvent that absorbs a little bit of everything in the environment, making tap water into a cocktail entirely different from the original formula.

City and well water in Minnesota may contain extremely high levels of water hardness, as well as additional contaminants that affect your plumbing, appliances, and potentially your health.

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Top 4 water quality problems

arsenic in drinking water


Odorless, tasteless, and invisible. About 15% of private wells in MN exceed the legal limit for this carcinogen.

Arsenic Filter
HERO System
Reverse Osmosis

Hard Water

Hard Water

Etched glassware, dry, scratchy skin, and soap scum are the first sign you have a problem with hard water.

HERO System (No Salt)
Water Softeners

rust stains


Metallic taste, smell, rust stains, and severe damage to plumbing and appliances are common iron problems.

Iron Filters

Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg Smell

Hydrogen Sulfide

Sulfide reducing bacteria and naturally decaying plant material release hydrogen sulfide gas that has a “rotten egg” smell.

Iron Filters

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