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Residential Reverse Osmosis Water System

RO6500 HE Reverse Osmosis

Pentair Reverse Osmosis systems use enhanced filtration to produce the cleanest, best-tasting drinking water.

You’ll also enjoy clearer ice, and better tasting coffee too!

Pentair engineers developed a revolutionary membrane technology that is 4x more efficient than conventional systems.

Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) system combines unique technology and features for the best drinking water.

You can even customize your system with specialized filters to make your water exactly the way you want it.

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What Others Say:

Water tasted different everywhere we lived: Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, and Washington. We wanted a system that would clean up our city water. The Reverse Osmosis system is very good and delivers constant pressure at the tap. We also learned the correct amount and types of detergent to use with our existing softener.

Circle Pines, MN

The manufacturer of our previous water filter system no longer made replacement filters. It was no longer working very well and we were not happy with Burnsville’s tap water. The reverse osmosis system produced far better tasting water and coffee than our old system. The ice is noticeably better too. All in all the service was quick and professional and we are very happy.

Burnsville, MN

We wanted better drinking water for our family. We had a new well drilled in the fall of 2008 and had a low level of Arsenic that we wanted to make sure was removed. Our water tastes, looks, and smells so much better now. We have great ice too! We talked to another water company first and were uncomfortable with their practices. We were referred to Lars by our well driller AND a builder we know. We really liked the friendly, no-pressure approach. He made us really comfortable with our decision, and are very happy with the results as well.

Cologne, MN

We already had a water softener for our home so we wanted something to remove all of the other deposits from our water for better health. The reverse osmosis made our water taste much better and is by far the best value for the money.

Maple Grove, MN

Our did not taste good before our new system was installed. Now we have great tasting water!

Mayer, MN

I have had several reverse osmosis systems before, but none of them compared to this one. This high pressure RO really kicks the water out. I love the clean, high quality water – it makes great coffee too.

Minnetrista, MN

We love the ice cubes! They are so clear; nothing floats in our water glass! Coffee also tastes much better.

Mound, MN

We were looking for clean, pure drinking water. The Reverse Osmosis makes our water taste so clean. Our ice cubes are clear and don’t have a funny taste or smell anymore. Your service was very convenient and made the installation very easy.

New Market, MN

Great company products and awesome customer service


“Green” Reverse Osmosis Technology

Superior membrane technology for less waste and cleaner water quality
  • Average RO Pressure
  • Pentair RO Pressure

Better Water Pressure

Our Reverse Osmosis uses a special low energy membrane. You get a huge boost in performance over standard RO systems:

  • Makes water faster with less waste
  • More consistent water quality than standard membranes
  • Can safely be connected to any ice maker
  • Fill coffee pots faster with a steady, strong stream of pure water
Custom Reverse Osmosis Filters

Customize Your Water with Flex Filters

Our standard Reverse Reverse Osmosis system is perfect for most homes. Sometimes, you need more. Now you can combine Pentair’s high efficiency membrane technology with special filters to give you truly customized drinking water.

Custom filter options include:

  • Nutrient boosting filter to add minerals and raise pH
  • Enhanced Arsenic reduction for AS3 and AS5
  • Nitrate reduction
  • Bacteria and virus reduction
  • Average RO Efficiency
  • Pentair RO Efficiency

Less Waste Water

Most RO systems are initially 13-25% efficient, which means they waste 4-8 gallons to make 1 pure gallon of water.  As the tank fills with water, it creates back pressure, and efficiency can drop down as low as 5%.   It can take up to 20 gallons to produce 1 gallon of drinking water.

Pentair solved these problems with a new membrane technology. The membrane operates at 50% efficiency.  You get fresh, clean water – with up to 4x less waste water.

reverse osmosis membrane

Higher Water Quality

RO membranes purify water by physically separating pure water from contaminants that have been dissolved (metals, salts, etc.).

The higher the water pressure, the better the water.

Pentair’s new membrane technology produces exceptionally high quality water with as little as 30psi – making them the perfect choice for both city and well water.

Is Reverse Osmosis Right for You?

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