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Recently my husband and I purchased a water softener from Premier Water. I want to share with you the reasons why we decided to go with your company versus a competitor (C****gan or H*me D*pot). Your equipment was a couple hundred dollars cheaper and had a longer warranty, MUCH longer warranty. Those two factors alone were a no-brainer to go with Premier. Cost and quality were our top priorities. The other reason was because of your salesman, Lars Erikson. Our first interaction was a phone call to setup a water testing appointment. During our conversation we had conflicting schedules, and Lars offered to reschedule his other appointment without even knowing our urgency. He let me know we would resume the timeframe discussed without additional phone calls. I would like to refer to that as “one-stop-shopping”! When Lars arrived at our home, he did a phenomenal job explaining water quality, tests and equipment. I was ready to setup the installation appointment before he left our house, but I wanted to get my husband’s thoughts first. We ordered the next day! Thank you. We are telling all of our friends and family about your service and product.