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We recently moved into a house in Orono. During our inspection we smelled the stinky water but were told that it would go away with use. Wrong. Nobody wanted to take a bath in orange rotten egg water, let alone drink it, and it certainly wasn't going away. We called Premier Water and got connected with Lars. I am so happy we did. I called a number of water treatment dealers describing the problems and listening to very brief proposals, but he was the only one who actually scheduled a visit and came to analyze our water. I appreciate that as it tells me he really wanted to make sure he did what was right for us, not just install the "usual" system like everyone else. After installation the water was noticeably better. Zero odor, and no more color. It's fantastic. It is so refreshing to work with Lars, the installers, and the rest of their team. They truly care about what they are doing, and making sure the customer is happy. People like this are hard to find today. Thank you!