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ProMate 1.0 Water Softener

ProMate 1.0 Water Softener

The ProMate 1.0 water softener series is an economical, reliable softening solution that is available in different sizes to accommodate different needs.

Each system is packed with smart features like pre-filling the brine tank with softened water to virtually eliminate salt-bridging problems and brine tank cleaning.

With dedication to engineering and manufacturing excellence, you can be assured the ProMate 1.0’s softening performance will last for years to come.

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What Others Say:

When our 10 year old Surge softener stopped working we started noticing scale build up in our home and scum in our coffee and tea. You put NO PRESSURE on us, and just gave us the info we asked for. You explained our options, but didn’t pressure us. We are very happy as the new Hellenbrand water softener uses far less salt than the old one. Definitely go with Premier Water.

Burnsville, MN

Thank you for the clear explanations, both of how water softeners work and about the benefits of soft water. We wanted a more efficient softener than the Fleck 5600 that we needed to replace, and also needed a bigger size for our family. Our water is definitely softer!

Chanhassen, MN

Premier Water has the most knowledgeable sales reps, and their service staff installed our new softener incredibly fast. Our hard water is gone, and the water is noticeably softer for cleaning and in the shower.

Chaska, MN

Our Culligan softener kept running so we wanted to replace it with a new system. Your staff was very personable and had very good service. We really appreciate all of the information about the different systems. Our new softener has really made a difference.

Chaska, MN

The water softener didn’t seem to be working properly. It turns out all the gears had broken in the head. It was an older Fleck 5600 unit, and it didn’t seem like it was worth fixing. We replaced it with a Hellenbrand E3 water softener and also added a reverse osmosis system. The water quality has improved, drinking water (RO system) has been very good, service was great. We got a lot of good information, and appreciate the follow up after the installation. I would recommend others to use Premier Water.

Chaska, MN

We were renting a softener from another company that had bad service and was charging too much. We love our new system. Our water is great, and we saved a bunch of money. Your customer service is the best, and we really appreciated the follow up after the sale.

Chaska, MN

The existing Surge water softener was no longer functioning, so we were looking for replacement. Your staff provided a thorough understanding of how the different systems work, and why some systems are more efficient. We looked at the E3 softener as a value purchase: not as cheap as what you get at Sears or Home Depot, but better made, more efficient, and a better long term investment.

Eagan, MN

Recently my husband and I purchased a water softener from Premier Water. I want to share with you the reasons why we decided to go with your company versus a competitor (C****gan or H*me D*pot). Your equipment was a couple hundred dollars cheaper and had a longer warranty, MUCH longer warranty. Those two factors alone were a no-brainer to go with Premier. Cost and quality were our top priorities. The other reason was because of your salesman, Lars Erikson. Our first interaction was a phone call to setup a water testing appointment. During our conversation we had conflicting schedules, and Lars offered to reschedule his other appointment without even knowing our urgency. He let me know we would resume the timeframe discussed without additional phone calls. I would like to refer to that as “one-stop-shopping”! When Lars arrived at our home, he did a phenomenal job explaining water quality, tests and equipment. I was ready to setup the installation appointment before he left our house, but I wanted to get my husband’s thoughts first. We ordered the next day! Thank you. We are telling all of our friends and family about your service and product.

Eden Prairie, MN

The resin in the Waterboss had turned into mush, and we had very low water pressure. The E3 water softener has much better water pressure, and I don’t have to add as much salt as the Waterboss needed. Overall a great company, with fast, reliable service.

Plymouth, MN

I had never owned a water softener before, but we knew we had hard water problems. Our dishwasher didn’t work very well, and we had a lot of lime buildup. The Ecowater softener in our house was not working anymore and we weren’t sure if it was worth trying to repair. We chose to install a new system instead. We are very pleased and feel we got a quality product at a competitive rate. The service was great, and we have no more buildup.

Plymouth, MN

The previous owner had installed a WaterBoss as a cheap “quick fix”. After only a few years the valve had split apart from the tank and was leaking. It is so nice to have a high quality water softener that will last a long time, and is actually serviceable. We have already noticed a big improvement in how clean our glasses and clothes are.

Plymouth, MN

Our Sears Kenmore water softener never worked – it was actually plumbed in backwards! We started from scratch with a new water softener. The difference is amazing! We have less soap scum and our glassware is so much cleaner. Your staff was very friendly and dependable through the whole process.

Robbinsdale, MN

Our well driller referred us to Premier Water when we needed to replace our broken water softener. Lars did a great job of helping us with our options. We are very happy with our new softener. We don’t have to clean as much, and the scale buildup and rust stains are gone. Your company was very easy to work with.

Shorewood, MN

My old inefficient softener wasn’t working, and I had to get rid of my hard water. I picked your company because of your service and equipment choices. I have seen the biggest difference in my dishes. I would tell anyone that needs help with their water to call Lars!”

St Louis Park, MN

The Culligan system we had was using 3 bags of salt per month for the two of us. I was sick of repairing it for 13 years – it was time for change. This new Hellenbrand softener uses so much less salt, and the water seems softer too. I highly recommend you as your service is very friendly and professional.

Waconia, MN

A US-Made, Cost Effective Water Softener

Get high-quality soft water from this reliable, economical water softener

Hellenbrand E3 Metered On-Demand Water Softener Controller

User-Friendly Controls

The ProMate 1.0’s 12-volt controller accurately meters water use and controls every operation while using less than $3 a year.

On-demand technology with fully adjustable programming options ensure the system can be fine-tuned for your family’s water needs.

Best of all, all programmed settings have permanent memory backup during power outages with no need for a battery backup.

Is the ProMate 1.0 Water Softener Right for You?

ProMate 1.0 Specifications

Specification PM1-24 PM1-32 PM1-48
Capacity (grains) 24,230 32,310 48,460
Mineral tank size 8" x 44" 9" x 48" 10" x 54"
Resin volume 0.75 ft3 1.0 ft3 1.5 ft3
Flow rate 9.8gpm 10.1gpm 10.5gpm
Inlet/Outlet connection 1.05" 1.05" 1.05"
Electrical consumption 12v 12v 12v
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