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3 Easy Tips How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

by Aug 7, 2015

hard water spots on glass

Are you sick of trying to figure out how to clean glass shower doors?

Hard water spots on glass can make a beautiful master bath suite look dirty.

Luckily, we have some tips that can make your life a lot easier.

Cleaner Water = Fewer Spots

This is pretty simple. The cleaner the water, the less gunk will buildup on your shower door. Here’s a few things to look at:

Hard Water
Water in the Twin Cities contains high levels of dissolved calcite, gypsum, and dolomite rocks.

A water softener protects your shower door from getting pelted and scratched with hard water. Soap also binds up with hard minerals and leaves a “scum” behind.

We sell the best water softeners will stop hard water spots on glass. But there can still be other “stuff” that gets left behind.

Total Dissolved Solids
When water evaporates, it leaves behind dissolved salts, minerals, and metals (these are called Total Dissolved Solids or TDS).

Pure Water doesn’t leave residue. Car washes use purified water for a spot-free rinse to make cars look better.

A Whole House Reverse Osmosis will give you a spot-free rinse every time you take a shower.

You’ll be amazed at how clean everything stays with a Whole House Reverse Osmosis.

Treat Your Shower Door Like a Windshield

Rain-X is a hydrophobic formula . It penetrates and seals the microscopic pores in glass with a super-slick invisible barrier. It’ll make water “slide” off and leave less spots.

This works best with a new, or very clean and dry, shower door.

A fine home builder gave me this tip many years ago. It’s a real time saver!

Shower Spray Saves the Day (Plus a DIY formula)

Daily use of a shower spray, along with clean water, might eliminate the need to do a deep clean. Method makes a really gentle cleaner that is effective at releasing soap scum and dissolving water spots.

Want a chemical-free shower spray that saves both money and the environment?

An article on Houzz had a pretty neat formula for a “homemade shower cleaner”. This DIY formula comes from Beverly Leestma, author of The Make Your Own Zone.

Materials Needed:
32-ounce spray bottle:
1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup rubbing alcohol (a natural degreaser)
1 teaspoon liquid dish soap
1 tablespoon dishwasher rinse aid

Add ingredients to the bottle, fill the rest with purified water. After capping, rock the bottle gently back and forth to combine the ingredients without making them foam up. Store away from sunlight. Enjoy!

What’s Next?

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas that’ll your life easier. Let us know how these tips work for you.

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