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Our client was relocating from California.  She found a beautiful home in Shorewood MN that had been completely remodeled.

But there was a problem:  there wasn’t a single piece of water treatment equipment in the home.  The new toilets had already turned red from rust.  The water had a horrible smell.  And there was over 2x the legal limit of Arsenic in the water.

Luckily, our client’s Realtor had used Premier Water to solve these problems before.

Uncovering Well Water Problems

We were called out to determine what could be done to fix this nasty water.  During our FREE Site Inspection we evaluated the well system, plumbing, and ran several water tests.  It turned out there were multiple water problems that needed to be addressed:

Iron Bacteria
Iron Bacteria is not a health risk.  But it forms a corrosive slime that’s a real nuisance!  It was responsible for the nasty rotten-egg smell (which is often mistaken for Hydrogen Sulfide gas).

The Iron level of 3.96ppm was 13x over the staining limit.  A high pH made complete removal with a water softener impossible.

The Manganese level of 0.294ppm was almost 6x over the staining limit.  It can cause black stains, a foul odor, and decreased IQ in children – much like Lead in water.

The well water had 22.9ppb of Arsenic – over twice the legal limit of 10ppb.  The ideal level, with no health risk, is 0ppb.  Our client was uncomfortable with the idea of brushing her teeth with Arsenic, or inhaling it in the shower.

We had a total of 14 tests completed for different water contaminants.

Now we had the information we needed to tackle the problems she was facing.

Step 1& 2 – Iron Filter for Iron Bacteria, Iron, and Manganese

Think of this as the foundation.  We had to control Iron Bacteria to keep it from wrecking other water equipment.  Our client also wanted to make sure her home wasn’t taken over with rust stains.

Her water required a Two Stage Iron Curtain Filter System:

1st Stage – Chlorine is pumped into a dedicated mixing tank that has 18 gallons of retention. Bacteria is disinfected.  Metals like Iron, Manganese, and Arsenic are oxidized so they form “chunks” that settle out of the water.

2nd Stage – A backwashing filter captures the “chunks” and periodically flushes them out of the system.

Think of this as a small city water treatment plant that only delivers 7 gallons per minute (7gpm).

A single tank system like the Iron Curtain Junior won’t work with Iron levels over 3ppm.  Higher levels of contaminants take longer to oxidize.  A single tank Iron Filter only has 3-4 gallons of mixing volume – not enough time for the “chunks” to form.

Step 3 – A Good Well Water Softener

16gpg of Water Hardness is slightly softer than Shorewood MN city water.  But that’s not saying much!  There would be significant damage to the water heater, appliances, and plumbing fixtures without a water softener.  The Hellenbrand E3 Water Softener was selected to control hard water problems while keeping the project cost down.

Step 4 – Arsenic Water Treatment

The final, and arguably most important step: the Whole House Arsenic Filter!

A Layne GreenPro Arsenic Filter was added for maximum protection.  It uses the patented LayneRT media that removes both Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5.

LayneRT Media has almost 2x the life of other Arsenic Filter Media.  This means the operating cost is significantly lower than competing Whole House Arsenic Filters.

It also works much faster.  Our small 9” diameter filter tank outperforms our competitor’s 12” Arsenic Filters.  This adds to the cost savings.

Best of all, FREE ongoing Arsenic testing is provided every 6 months – talk about piece-of-mind!

Complete Arsenic Water Treatment Project

If you start with careful planning, you can solve any water problem.  Our client was really happy with our results.  The water is now rust-free, odor-free, and best of all: the Arsenic level is non-detectable!

Water Test Results Before and After


Arsenic 22.9ppb Non-Detectable
Iron 3.96ppm 0.12ppm
Iron Bacteria Positive Negative
Manganese 0.294ppm 0.01ppm

Shorewood MN Arsenic Filter and Iron Filter system

Do You Have Well Water with Arsenic or Other Problems?

Well water can have a wide range of challenges.  Some of these problems, like rust stains, are easy to see.

But some, potentially worse problems like Arsenic, are invisible.

The good news is that thorough testing can uncover the hidden problems in your water.

Premier Water can help you with both the Water Testing AND Water Treatment you need to fix your well water.  We are the leading Arsenic removal company in Minnesota, and have experience you can trust.

Contact us at (952) 479-4553 or register for a FREE site inspection to get started.

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