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Bad Water? Cured! Hybrid Water Softener in Chaska, MN

by Sep 26, 2017

hybrid water softener in chaska, mn

How would you feel if you had to take your kitchen faucet apart and clean it every week?

It wasn’t always that bad, but after 15+ years, our customers in Chaska, MN were getting sick of their water!

Their Fleck 5600 water softener was installed in 1999. It didn’t make consistent soft water, or handle the other water problems in this home.

Premier Water Technologies installed a 3 stage water treatment system in 2016 using a Hybrid Water Softener.

Now our customers have great water, and only one regret.

Let’s take a look at what they were dealing with.

Chaska Water Quality Challenges

This home is located off Bavaria Rd. There were 3 problems common in that area that we had to solve:

Fine, sandy material was literally grinding away at the seals in their appliances and faucets. It wasn’t hard water. It was sediment.

1ppm of chlorine will cut the life of a water softener in half. It dissolves rubber causes leaky seals in plumbing and appliances.

The high chlorine level gave the water a “swimming pool” taste and smell.

Hard Water
Chaska, MN water hardness is over 5x higher than the national average. The old water softener lost a lot of capacity and couldn’t keep up. Glasses were getting etched. Clothes ruined. Keeping this clean was a nightmare.

It’s no wonder our customers were frustrated. But don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

DMT System in Chaska, MN

Hybrid Water Softener + Added Protection

We reviewed options with our clients and came up with a plan for an efficient, low maintenance solution.

Whole House Pre-Filter
Our first line of defense was a physical barrier against sediment and debris. We used an oversized filters that could capture extremely fine sediment without losing pressure.

DMT Hybrid Softener
Next we used our DMT Hybrid system. DMT stands for “Dual Media Technology”

This system uses a patented 2 chamber tank that can be customized to treat different water problems. We used a high grade carbon with water softening resin. This allowed us to treat chlorine and hard water with a single unit.

The DMT Hybrid also has industry-leading efficiency. This means it uses water and salt to flush itself out.

Premier Water Technologies staff was able to plumb everything neatly into place. The system works AND looks great!

15 Months Later…

How’s everything working?

For starters, they haven’t cleaned their faucet in 15 months. Our customers are pretty happy about that!

The maintenance required is what really took things from good to great.

Salt use has dropped almost 70%, and they haven’t changed a filter. Best of all: no dry, itchy skin for the first time in this home!

Our customer’s only had one regret:

Water is one of those things you use every day. It’s hard to believe we got used to dealing with such bad water. There’s no way we could ever go back. We wish we would have done this years ago.

Need Better Water for Your Home in Chaska?

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