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Pureoflow has been building a reputation of excellence in the restaurant industry. By providing the highest quality water, Pureoflow is able to not only improve the quality of beverages and ice, but also significantly reduce a restaurant’s water quality related expenses (an average of $415 per month.)


Biaggi's Pureoflow system

Ecolab has a proven track record as the market leader in restaurant chemical supplies like soaps and rinse aids. In Maple Grove, MN they had a problem – no matter how “soft” the water was, they simply could not help Biaggi’s Restaurant achieve the glassware quality they wanted. The problem was not hard water, but Total Dissolved Solids or “TDS”.

There are 1000’s of contaminants that contribute to the TDS level, many of which are in the form of a salt or a metal. 0ppm would indicate “pure water”. 100ppm is the limit for clear ice cubes. Biaggi’s TDS was 565ppm! Their water was soft, the softener was working, but their water was a real problem!

Pureoflow worked closely with Ecolab to help them with Biaggi’s water. Ecolab provided over a dozen water meters throughout the restaurant to precisely measure water use by each faucet, dishwasher, icemaker, coffee maker, etc. Once the data was collected, Pureoflow designed a system that would meet Biaggi’s tight space requirements while providing the volume of water needed.

Clear ice cubes

Crystal clear ice cubes!

The Pureoflow system uses a combination of filters and a patented GE membrane technology that provides salt-free softening and purification. All system components are secured in a tamper-proof locking cabinet. This single system replaced a water softener, and dozens of filters throughout the restaurant.

Biaggi’s high TDS level was reduced to a very manageable 40ppm. Glassware is crystal-clear, the ice looks like diamonds, and their coffee and beverages taste amazing!

Premier Water, Pureoflow, and Ecolab will continue to work together to improve the restaurant industry in the Twin Cities. Customers get a better dining experience, restaurants reduce their costs, and less salt and filters end up in the environment! Learn more about the Pureoflow system!

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