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The city of Burnsville, MN got so many complaints about the foul odor and taste in their drinking water that they brought in an outside water consultant to figure out what’s causing the problem.

One resident described the city’s tap was as “Chlorinated, dirty, smelly, scummy pond water”.

Independent testing confirmed chlorine levels at .7ppm (parts per million) which is about the same as a swimming pool.  Most communities in the Twin Cities have chlorine levels that range from .3ppm – .5ppm.

The water problems seem to come from a new city water treatment plant that re-uses waste water from a Burnsville mining company.  Officials say the cause of the foul odor is from build-up of algae and organic compounds.

Officials say as bad as the water might smell, it doesn’t pose any health risks.  The city is working on the problem, but unfortunately, it can’t happen overnight.

“It’s perfectly safe to drink. There’s no concerns with that. You might not like the smell or the taste at this time, but it is getting better,” said Burnsville City Council Member Dan Gustafson.

Burnsville, like many suburbs in the Twin Cities, does a good job at keeping their tap water “safe”, but not necessarily “delicious”.  More and more homeowners and businesses are dissatisfied with tap water because of this.

The water filtration and purification systems we carry are both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions to these tap water dilemmas.  Our clients get water that is safe AND great tasting: You should too!!!

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