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Discolored Water in Plymouth MN – Here’s How to Fix It

by Nov 3, 2016Water Quality0 comments

discolored water in plymouth mn

Was your water in Plymouth a little dirty looking this summer? You’re not alone. Discolored water in Plymouth MN affected 1,000’s of residents.  It even made the news.

It turns out the city water treatment plant couldn’t keep up with demand. City engineers are working on a solution. For now the recommendation is to run your water until it clears up.

Don’t feel like waiting any longer? Here’s what you can do.

old plymouth mn water main

Brown, But Still Safe

The city of Plymouth uses multiple wells for it’s water source.  The water treatment plant filters most of the iron to reduce stains.  Heavy water use overpowers the city’s filters.  It also knocks iron residue loose from inside the city water pipes. Boom. Instant rusty, brown water.

Rusty water won’t hurt you, but it’s annoying:

  • Ruins hair color
  • Stains clothes
  • Softeners get plugged up

So what’s the answer?

The Best Cure for Discolored Water

Whole House Water Filters can remove the iron that a softener can’t. A two stage filter system offers the best protection for your home.

Here’s an installation from a home in Northwest Plymouth that uses a two stage system:

whole house carbon filter plymouth mn

Step 1 – Pre Filter
A sediment pre-filter strains out iron and sediment. Just like a colander strains noodles out of water. You need a fine enough filter to remove iron, but big enough so you don’t lose water pressure. For this reason, we either use 20” or 35” long filters.

Step 2 – Specialty Carbon Filtration
Designer carbon media can remove iron, color, chlorine, and organic chemicals. A Whole House Carbon Filter is perfect to remove any trace color that comes through your pre-filter. As an added bonus, your water will smell and taste better.

Want to STOP Discolored Water in Your Home?

Sick of discolored water in Plymouth MN?  Join 1,000’s of our customers that found a better way to fix their water.

Contact us today for a FREE water test and estimate to get started!

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