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Goodbye Rust Stains! Well Water Treatment System in Watertown, MN!

by Dec 6, 2017

watertown mn well water softener and iron filter

When do you need a dedicated “Well Water Treatment System”?

Imagine waking up to brush your teeth with smelly, light brown water. Then you hop in the shower. The water pressure barely rinses the soap out of your hair.

Our clients in Watertown, MN were sick of their well water! They were sick of low water pressure too!

A local water company installed a Fleck water softener and iron filter 10 years ago. After 20+ service calls to fix their water, they finally gave up on that company.

Fortunately, a customer of ours recommended Premier Water. We installed a simple, but effective Iron Filter and Well Water Softener system.

Let’s take a look at how we were able correct their water problems and restore water pressure.

Bad Well Water + Wrong Equipment = Never Works

This home is located near Swede Lake in Watertown, MN. There were 3 well water problems common in that area that we had to solve:

Iron Bacteria
Many private wells in the west metro suffer from sulfur and/or iron bacteria. The rotten egg smell was hard to miss. But the orange slime in the drain lines and toilet tanks was overlooked. The previous iron filter didn’t control this nuisance bacteria and they battled it (unknowingly) for years.

Iron will leave rust stains at levels above 0.3 parts per million (ppm). This well had 6ppm iron! That’s literally 20x over the staining limit! It’s no wonder they were struggling with discolored water. This well was no small challenge!

Hard Water
If the iron and bacteria weren’t bad enough, they also had EXTREMELY hard water. 30gpg (grains per gallon) of water hardness is 6x higher than the national average.

With 9 people in the home, this would amount to 1,055lbs of dissolved rock traveling through their plumbing each year!

watertown mn water softener and iron filter

A Better Well Water Solution

We needed to control iron bacteria and the high level of iron. It damaged the last system and was the cause of their low water pressure. We also needed to handle the huge swings in water use that come with a family of 9 people. We used two stages for this well water treatment system.

Ozone Iron Filter
Ozone is a natural disinfectant that works great at controlling iron bacteria. It also oxidizes metals like iron and manganese so they can be removed by a filter.

The Storm is an “ozone injected iron filter” and is one of our most popular products. We install 100’s of these a year to control rusty, smelly water.

Not only is this system very effective, but it has minimal maintenance, and almost no impact on water pressure.

Twin Tank Water Softener
The old systems used a large single tank water softener. Even though it was big, they still ran out of soft water at times. They also burned through 100’s of pounds of salt each month.

We installed a ProMate 7 twin tank water softener. This specialized well water softener is designed for challenging water with high levels of hardness and iron.

Single tank water softeners have to use raw well water for all cleaning cycles during the regeneration process.

Twin tank water softeners use soft water. That means better cleaning and less wear and tear on moving parts. They also use 17-40% less water and salt which is another huge advantage!

Now they always have soft water – and less salt to haul each month!

Clear. Soft. Water – With Pressure!

Mornings are different now.

Fresh, clear soft water flows with great pressure. Better showers, better laundry, better everything!

Tough well water is challenging. But it’s not impossible! With a well designed and installed system, you can make any water an enjoyable experience.

Need Better Well Water for Your Home and Family?

Contact us for a FREE water test and site inspection.  We’ll help you find the right well water treatment system to get the water quality you want.

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