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When our client moved to Chanhassen, they had no idea how lousy the water was going to be!

This story sounds like many of our clients that were relocated to Minnesota:

“We never needed a softener in all the other states we lived in. We had only lived in our new home for a month and our dishes were already getting destroyed.”

Their brand new home was already starting to show signs of their water problems. Their glasses were cloudy, the faucets were getting a white scaly buildup, the dishwasher had a permanent “film”, and their new toilets were starting to turn orange. The water didn’t taste that great either:

“We wanted softer water, but also wanted to get rid of the rust stains. The water also had a strong chlorine taste and smell – like a swimming pool.”

While a water softener would have solved the scale buildup and the cloudy glasses, it would not have solved all of our client’s problems.

The iron in city water cannot be removed by a water softener, neither can the chlorine.

Our client chose the Hellenbrand DMT Hybrid System to solve all three of their problems.

Hellenbrand DMT System

The DMT system uses a unique dual-chamber design that filters AND softens – all within a single unit. Water first passes through a catalytic carbon filter media that removes the chlorine and iron to improve the taste, smell, and color of the water. After that, water is softened as it travels through the ion exchange resin in the second chamber.

Best of all, the entire system uses less than $2 per year in electricity, and is one of the most water and salt efficient systems in the industry.

Four weeks after the installation the benefits of soft, clean water were already noticeable.

“We really like the DMT system – our dishes are cleaner, the stains are gone, and the water tastes better too. Thanks for the help – your staff is very knowledgeable and professional.”


Hardness 16gpg 1gpg
Hardness 16gpg 1gpg
Iron 0.3ppm 0.0ppm
Chlorine 1.5ppm 0ppm

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