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Hybrid Water System Fixes Tough Plymouth, MN Water

by Dec 11, 2015

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The DMT Hybrid Water System is one of our most popular systems. It solves many of the problems common in Minnesota city water.

We recently worked with a customer in Plymouth, MN that had a 14 year old Fleck 5600 water softener. Their water just didn’t seem soft enough over the last few years. Hard water spots and scale buildup were getting worse.

Dry skin was a big problem too. Especially in the winter!

They weren’t sure what to do, or if they needed a new water softener. We scheduled a free water test and consultation to find out what options would work best.

Let’s take a look at how they found the right solution.

Common Plymouth, MN Water Problems

Chlorine is great at killing bacteria. But it makes your water smell and taste like a pool. It also dissolves rubber seals in appliances and plumbing fixtures.

This home had 1.5ppm of chlorine. That’s below the legal limit, but on the high side for Plymouth water.

A study found high levels of chlorine enter the body during a shower – 8x more than what you get from a glass of water to be exact. Skin is the body’s largest organ – and it absorbs chlorine very well.

Chlorine drives moisture out of skin. This can really irritate sensitive skin and dry hair.

Average Plymouth water hardness is 22 grains per gallon (gpg). This is over 4x harder than the national average.

A family of 3 would have about 258lbs of dissolved rock run through the pipes a year! That causes major wear and tear on water heaters, plumbing, faucets, and appliances.

The 14 year old Fleck softener had lost a lot of capacity (average is 2-10% a year). It couldn’t supply consistent soft water.

hybrid water system plymouth mn

DMT Hybrid Water System to the Rescue!

The DMT Hybrid System combines a whole house water filter and a softener into 1 unit.

Stage 1: High Capacity Coconut Shell Carbon
This special media has higher overall capacity and better adsorption than other grades of carbon. That means you get better filtration, longer life, and less service!

Filtering the water improves taste, smell, and adds a layer of protection to the home. Lets not forget – it’s a huge benefit for dry skin!

Stage 2: High Efficiency Water Softener
The DMT Hybrid Water System uses a technology called upflow regeneration. This is a more efficient way to clean a softener with water and salt. You get more consistent soft water, with up to 40% less waste.

The DMT does more than regenerate based on water use. It records gallons, and then fine tunes the entire process based on your household demand. This “smart monitoring” can boost efficiency up to 17% more.

Better Water = Happy Customers

The old Fleck 5600 softener only fixed 1/2 of our customer’s water problems. It had lost capacity, and was not very efficient.

Now our clients get soft, filtered water from every tap.

The water tastes and smells better. Our customer feels better about drinking water with fewer chemicals.

We Minnesotans know what dry winter air can do to your skin. Chlorine-free water is just one more tool you can use help make our winters more enjoyable!

Do You Want Cleaner Water and Less Maintenance?

Want better tasting water, fewer chemicals in your water, plus less salt and water waste?

Sign up for a FREE Water Test and Consultation.

We’ll help you determine if a DMT Hybrid Water System is right for you.

We also carry water softeners, whole house water filters, and drinking water systems to fix any water problem.

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