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Iron Filter Fixes Nasty Well Water in Prior Lake, MN

by Jul 20, 2015

rusty well water prior lake mn

Can you have too much Iron in water? If the water looks dirty BEFORE your kids take a bath, the answer is YES! Here’s a quick look at a client in Prior Lake who had the same problem.

Our customer never had a private well before moving out of the city. They soon noticed a weird “well water smell”. No one in the family wanted to drink the water.

They called several companies and got quotes on Iron Filter and Water Softener Systems. Finally they called Premier Water. We found a system that fixed their water. Better yet, it fit the space and their budget!

Too Much Iron in Water for the Old Softener

The previous owners had a whole house filter and a Waterboss softener.  But the water was still  awful.  Rusty, smelly.  The kids wouldn’t drink it.  Mom and Dad wouldn’t either.

With 6 people in the family, our client’s water use really varied. It could be very light during the week. On weekends they could do a ton of laundry.

The Waterboss was too small. It always ran out of soft water in the middle of the day!

We also detected Iron Bacteria during our consultation. Orange slime in toilet tanks and around the floor drain was hard to miss. This bacteria grows through softeners and forms a corrosive, smelly slime.

The Right Iron Filter and Well Water Softener

Our consultation started with a water test. Then we determined the flow rate their family needed.

Once we gathered that information, we could discuss which technologies would work best. We also had to find a way to fit everything into a small space while keeping it accessible for future service.

They needed a solution that solved 4 problems:

  • control iron bacteria to fix odor
  • remove iron to stop staining
  • more soft water capacity
  • better tasting water
prior lake iron filter and water softener

Iron Curtain Storm
If you want to stop Iron Bacteria, you need to continually disinfect your water. The Iron Curtain Storm uses ozone as a natural disinfectant. It kills bacteria, but quickly breaks down into oxygen. There’s no chemical taste or smell like systems that use chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. It’s a really effective, simple system to maintain.

We installed a 12” Filter with a specialty media that would support up to 8 gallons per minute. This was 4x better than the old whole house water filter.

Twin Tank Well Water Softener
Our Twin Tank Softener switches back and forth between tanks. You can’t run out of soft water. It cleans itself with soft water too. This works better – just like washing dishes in soft water vs. hard water.

Better still, our configuration uses roughly 50% less salt than the old softener.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
Better drinking water was the final piece of this puzzle. We use membrane technology that reduces over 96% of contaminants in water. This system removes all the remaining salts and metals that cause the bad taste and well water smell.

About Premier Water

Are you frustrated with your water? Is it rusty or smelly? Premier Water Technologies is a local Minnesota water treatment company. We’ve been fixing well water in the Twin Cities since 1978. Give us a call at (952) 767-0230 or CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION. We can get you clean, clear water you actually want to use.

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