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Maple Grove water hardness is almost 5x higher than the national average.

It’s almost impossible to wash a glass in a dishwasher with Hard Water and have it come out looking clean.

While this is annoying for homeowners, this can be a deal breaker for a restaurant. What customer would want to take a drink out of a glass that looks dirty?

Kyoto Sushi Cures Spotty Glassware with Premier Water

Kyoto Sushi Maple Grove Water Softener
We are happy to announce that this is the 3rd water softener that we have installed for the owner of Kyoto Sushi. Like other restaurants, they chose our company because we deliver high performance products with quick, professional service.

To treat Maple Grove’s hard water problems, Premier Water worked in conjunction with the plumber to install a High Efficiency Water Softener in the back of their kitchen. The softener was put in place during construction, and the entire water softener system fit neatly on an elevated brick platform.

The controller, or “brain” of the softener, records and learns the restaurant’s water usage patterns. The system regenerates based on water volume, and automatically adjusts its capacity based on the water usage history it records.

Basically the softener becomes smarter and more salt-efficient the longer the system is in place.

This sort of “Green Technology” is very important to restaurants looking to save money by using less water and salt.

The entire system only uses 12V of electricity and will cost less than $2.00 per year to operate.


With their new water softener in place, the restaurant now has less than 1gpg of hardness. This means they will experience:

  • Cleaner glassware
  • Up to 50% less Rinse Aid in the dishwasher
  • Up to 48% less energy used by their water heater
  • Up to 50% less cleaning and de-scaling

Soft water will save the Kyoto Restaurant $100’s a month, and allow them to spend more time serving their customers instead scrubbing away at hard water deposits.

About Premier Water

Premier Water is a local, family-owned water treatment company based in Chanhassen, MN. Since 1978, Premier Water has successfully designed, installed, and serviced 1000’s of residential and commercial water softeners.

We offer a FREE WATER TEST to gather information and help our clients get the right water treatment solution for their needs. We can also be reached at (952) 479-4553 for more information.

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