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Ozone Iron Filter Fixes Well Water in Corcoran, MN

by Aug 24, 2017

ozone iron filter corcoran mn

Our ozone iron filter just made life a little easier for our customers in Corcoran, MN. They had city water all their life, and this home had a private well. They began to notice a “rotten egg smell” within a few days. Rust stains began to appear after a few weeks.

To make matters worse, they lost all water pressure if they ran more than one faucet at a time. It took FOREVER to fill a bath tub.

We’ll take a look at an Ozone Iron Filter that Premier Water installed to fix those nasty water problems and restore their water pressure.

The Wrong Iron Filter Can Wreck Everything

Finding the right Iron Filter for your home is based on 3 important factors:

  1. Microbes
  2. Chemistry
  3. Size


The old Iron Filter used air injection to oxidize iron and help improve smell. This was actually a HUGE PROBLEM.

Iron Bacteria creates an orange/red, smelly slime.

Aerating water with Iron Bacteria puts those little bugs on STEROIDS!!! The inside of the old filter was totally plugged with slime. This killed the old system and the water pressure too.


Iron, manganese, and pH are really important. Air injection takes much longer to oxidize metals so they can be filtered. The old system barely handled the levels of iron in this water.


The old 10” tank could only handle 5 gallons per minute (gpm). This family needed 8gpm so they could fill a bath for their baby, run a sink, and flush a toilet. The old filter was just too small to handle this.

iron bacteria filter in corcoran mn

Ozone Iron Filter Technology = Success

The Iron Curtain Storm was the perfect solution for this family. The Storm generates ozone to control Iron Bacteria and remove metals like iron and manganese.

Ozone is used by many bottled water manufacturers to keep water safe. It’s a natural disinfectant that doesn’t leave any chemical smell or taste. It also doesn’t require mixing chemicals every month like chlorine or hydrogen peroxide systems.

The iron removal limit for the Iron Curtain Storm is 3x higher than an air injection filter. It could easily handle the iron level in this water.

We installed a 13” tank to handle the flow rate our customer’s family needed. A 13” tank has almost 2x the surface area of a 10” tank. That allows us to easily catch the metals in filter bed so the water comes out clean and clear!

Not only does the water come out clear, it comes out fast too! The water pressure was completely restored. Now the family enjoys great water without the wait!

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