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In their own words:
smashburger plymouth, mn


Smashburger was born to carry the torch for the modern burger lover. Where smash, sizzle, savor means a dedication to creating the best-tasting “cooked-to-order” burger. Where the food is served to you quickly and on a plate – not in a bag.


Smashburger’s great food has made them a successful franchise that is quickly growing across the country. There are already many Smashburger locations in the Twin Cities, but none of them have water as hard as Plymouth, MN!



Plymouth Smashburger Finds Hard Water

The national average for water hardness is about 5 grains per gallon (gpg). An average family of 4 with 5gpg hard water would accumulate roughly 78lbs of dissolved rock each year.

Plymouth water hardness is 22gpg – that same family would now accumulate 344lbs of rock!

The mixture of hard water and soap creates a scum that builds up on glassware and leaves a spotty film. With Plymouth’s super hard water, the staff at Smashburger would rinse and hand wipe every glass – after each load of dishes!

Talk about a waste of time and labor!

Smashburger Corporate realized they had a water quality problem. When they asked for help, they were referred to Premier Water.


Hellenbrand Water Softener to the Rescue!

After testing the water during a site inspection, the staff at Premier Water devised a water softener system that would handle the hot water needs for the dishwasher.

The Hellenbrand H100 water softener had enough softening capacity and flow rate capacity that Smashburger required. To avoid interruption, the system was installed before the restaurant opened at 10am. After the softener installation was completed, the water heater was drained to flush out the old hard water.


Lunch Time – All Systems Go!

The system had only been installed for a few hours when the customers began to pour in. Burger after juicy burger was served. The glasses were beginning to pile up.

Fingers crossed, the first batch of glassware was washed during the lunch rush.

How did they look? SPOTLESS!

The staff was relieved. Now they could go back to doing what they love – making the best burgers in town!



The Premier Water staff returned the next day for a routine follow up inspection.

The water hardness was reduced from 22gpg down to 0.5gpg.

With soft water, the water heater will use 29% less energy, and cleaning chemical and labor costs will also be reduced.

Best of all – the glasses will look as great as the burgers taste (well almost, their food is REALLY good!).


Who We Are

Premier Water is a local, family-owned water treatment company based in Chanhassen, MN. Since 1978, Premier Water has successfully implemented 1000’s of Residential and Commercial Water Softeners. We offer a FREE WATER TEST to gather information and help our clients with the right solution for their needs. We can also be reached at (952) 479-4553 for more information.

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