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Surge Water Softener Service Special

by Feb 13, 2014

surge water softener service

Do you have a Surge Water Softener that needs a repair?

Has your Surge Water Softener warranty expired, or do you want a second opinion on service?

Our company has over 30 years of experience with Surge water softener repair, replacement parts, and filters.

We have several special offers to welcome new Surge Water customers to try our service:

  • FREE, no-obligation inspection (make sure system is set correctly, inspect all functions)
  • 15% off all repairs
  • Buy 2 filters, get 1 free for Surge Reverse Osmosis systems

Call us at (952) 479-4553 or SIGN UP FOR A FREE INSPECTION to get started!

Surge Water Softener Repairs

We offer service, parts, and repairs for the following models:

Surge Premier Water Softener
Classic water softener model in service from 1955-2014. This softener was available in both time clock and metered options.

Surge Deluxe Water Softener
More current model with a digital display. Available since 2003. Model only available as an on-demand system.

Surge Peerless Water Softener
Basic, water softener design. Available since the 1980’s. Different valves used, and available in both time clock and metered water softener options.

Surge Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis Systems require routine filter changes to keep making fresh water. We stock all the replacement water filters you need:

  • sediment pre-filters
  • carbon pre-filters
  • membranes
  • carbon post-filters

Surge Chem-Free Iron Filter

This Iron Filter system uses an air injection system to help remove iron. These systems require routine cleaning – usually every 1-3 years depending on water quality.

Our Iron Filter Service will clean injectors, pistons, and seals to keep your Chem-Free filter working its best. We also stock replacement Iron Filter media in case the system has been fouled by Iron Bacteria or heavy rust.

About Premier Water

Premier Water is based in Chanhassen, MN.  We are a family-owned company that specializes in 1 thing: Water Treatment!  We offer Water Softener Service for virtually every brand on the market.  We have worked with multiple suppliers, and selected specific products to develop the ultimate supply of Water Treatment Systems in MN!

Give us a call at (952) 479-4553 if you want to service your current machine.  We can also help you upgrade to something more reliable that will use less water and salt.

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