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Ultimate Water Treatment System for New Home in Victoria, MN

by Jun 7, 2016Water Filter, Water Purification, Water Softener0 comments

victoria mn water treatment system

Customers often ask me: “What kind of Water Treatment System would you put in your home?”

This summer I helped a customer that moved into a new home in Victoria, MN by Lake Wassermann. I’ve worked with a lot of customers in this area, and knew the water problems they would face.

So we worked together, planning an efficient system like mine (I hate water and salt waste) that would make great water for many years. Here’s how I designed my current system.

Upgrading from Better to Best

In my last house in Plymouth, MN I had a single tank DMT hybrid water softener and a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. That setup worked perfectly 98% of the time. This time, I was shooting for 100%.

I have an active family. We drink A LOT of water, and do a lot of laundry. There’s a fair amount of showers and baths too.

Everyone in my family has sensitive skin. Removing chlorine has been very helpful for us.

No one in my home likes the taste of tap water. I don’t like the idea of giving my kids water with chemicals to drink either. We definitely wanted another drinking water system.

victoria water softener filter reverse osmosis
victoria mn reverse osmosis
sven the bullmastiff loves purified water

4 Steps to the Perfect Water Treatment System

A Whole House Reverse Osmosis will give you the best water quality possible. I would love to install one someday, but that was beyond my current budget and space limitations.

I ended up choosing 4 pieces of equipment to create my water treatment system:

Whole House Pre-Filter
Victoria city water has occasional chunks of iron, manganese, and sediment. Most cities do. Sediment filters protect everything that water touches – even the softener. I chose our AWS Whole House Filter by VIQUA based on its moderate size and easy filter changes.

Whole House Carbon Filter
I like removing chlorine and organic chemicals from the whole house so they can’t absorb through our skin. I chose a larger 13” backwashing Carbon Water Filter System to support the soaking tub in our master suite. We hit 8gpm when we fill that tub and get ready for bed. The larger carbon filter keeps up and does a great job.

Twin Tank Water Softener
I hate carrying salt. I also hate running out of soft water. A big single tank softener can do the job, but a twin can do it better.

The EcoMax DUO is a high efficiency twin tank water softener. It uses upflow brining and soft water for all cleaning cycles. That means less salt, less water, and less maintenance. I have tons of customers that love their twin softeners. Now I love mine too!

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
We use 3-4 gallons of water a day for cooking, coffee, ice, and drinking water. Everyone in our family loves good water – especially our GIANT BULLMASTIFF.

We prefer the taste (and piece of mind) of purified water. I chose our new High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis system, and have enjoyed every drop it’s made.

What Kind of Water Do You Need?

Do you want better tasting drinking water? Are you concerned about bathing in chlorine or chemicals? Maybe you just want softer water, or to haul less salt.

Everyone has different needs, space, and budgets. We get that.

Give us a call, or sign up for a FREE QUOTE to find the right water treatment system for your needs.

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