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Water Treatment System for Credit River Luxury Home

by Mar 2, 2018

water treatment system in credit river, mn

Undersizing a water treatment system is like building a foundation built with toothpicks. Eventually it crumbles.

Our clients had just purchased a home in the Cress View neighborhood in Credit River, MN. It didn’t take long for them to notice a consistent problem – all 6 bathrooms had rust stains!

The Water Softener and Iron Filter were only 3 years old, but they were so undersized it’s hard to believe they ever worked.

Read on to see how we designed the right system for this home!

Protection for 6 Bathrooms and a Luxurious Master Spa

The old water treatment system would have been great if this home had low iron, and 1-2 bathrooms. This 7,000+ square foot home has 6 bathrooms, and water features you won’t find in an average home.

High Flow and Demanding Water Use

The master bath has an awesome walk in shower with 5 shower heads that require 12.5 gallons per minute (gpm). The Ecowater iron filter could only support 4gpm. Not even close.


The owner wanted to make sure that there was always clear, soft water when entertaining. There could easily be 2-20 guests during holidays and summer parties. The old softener used a single tank with only enough capacity for 3-4 people.

Just. Plain. Bad. Water.

The well water in this home has many of the challenges we find in Credit River, MN. Rust stains from high iron, foul odor from iron bacteria, crusty hard water. The list goes on.

The old “chemical-free iron filter” used air injection to oxidize iron and improve odor. They work great unless your water has iron or sulfur bacteria. Then these “air capsule iron filters” are like a secret disease. They cause the bacteria to grow out of control. The filter soon plugs with slime and is worthless.

credit river water treatment system

Custom Water Treatment System

We needed a water treatment system that could handle heavy iron AND high demand use to guarantee our customer rust-free water. We started with a bigger, better Iron Filter.

334% More Iron Filtration!

The 10”x54” Iron Filter was grossly undersized for a home like this. We had to install TWO 13”x54” Storm Iron Filters to cover average use in this home.

Iron Filters use very heavy filter media to strain iron and manganese out of the water. It’s often not practical to use one giant tank because it would need too much water to flush clean.

Using (2) smaller tanks allowed us to handle the high flow rate we needed while requiring minimal water to backwash the filters.

We also used ozone instead or air injection. It has the power to handle the high level of iron and sanitizes the system to keep it operating at full capacity.

Less Salt, Unlimited Soft Water = Big Win!

We installed a ProMate 7 twin tank water softener for consistent soft water. The dual tanks switch back and forth – making it virtually impossible to run out of capacity!

Twin softeners also utilize 100% of available capacity. This easily saves 17-40% water and salt.

Perfect water. Less salt, less waste. Now that’s good living!

High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis

The old Reverse Osmosis was very inefficient. Like most systems, it would waste 4-5 gallons of water for every pure gallon made.

We installed a new High Efficiency RO system with almost 80% less waste. Our new Pentair membrane technology was paired with a high pressure delivery pump and 14 gallon storage tank. Now they have great taste with less waste!

A Dream Home with Dream Water!

A perfect cup of coffee. A spa-like shower with soft, clean water. What a great way to start your day!

We took the time to assess our clients’ needs. Water quality, plumbing, and well pump were inspected and tested. Our new design was backed by real engineering.

Now our client can enjoy every drop of water. No matter how much, or how little is used.

Need Better Water for Your Home in Credit River?

Contact us for a FREE water test and site inspection.  We’ll help you find a plan to get the water quality you want.

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