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Whole House Water Filter and More for New Country Joe Homes Project

by Sep 17, 2015

Dual Temperature Reverse Osmosis Faucet

Building a new home gives you the opportunity to do things your way. Our clients spent months planning every detail with Country Joe Homes. This was their dream home.

Premier Water installed a basic water softener 10 years ago for their first home. Now they were ready for an upgrade.

Better Living with Better Water

A “forever home” means things have to be built better. They wanted little maintenance, and maximum reliability.

Their kids had sensitive skin – especially in the winter time! Soft water can help. But bathing in chlorinated really drives a lot of moisture out of your skin. They were really excited about having a whole house water filter for chlorine-free bath time!

Like many people today, our customers wanted to live a healthier lifestyle.

They wanted better tasting drinking water that had fewer impurities. In the past they used their refrigerator filter or water pitcher, but those didn’t cut it. Bottled water wasn’t an option either.

Here’s what we did for them.

The Right Tool for Each Job

Twin Tank Hybrid Whole House Water Filter + Softener
We started with a unique Hybrid System that provides soft, filtered water for the entire home. The design uses special 2 chamber tanks. First, the water is filtered to reduce chlorine and organic chemicals. Next, the water is softened to protect plumbing and appliances.

It also uses high efficiency water softener technology. This cuts salt use by up to 70% over a standard metered water softener.

This combination gave our clients great water with as little maintenance as possible.

3M Reverse Osmosis System
This drinking water system uses amazing 3M technology. It reduces impurities 1000x smaller than a human hair. It removes more impurities and produces the freshest drinking water possible. The filters only require a 1/4 turn to replace, and it’s backed by a 12 year warranty. Simple maintenance makes a 3M Reverse Osmosis easier to live with, and guarantees it will keep working for years.

Dual Temperature Drinking Water
Sadly, our clients are not coffee drinkers. But they do love tea!

We add a special dual temperature faucet and an instant hot system. This allows them to instantly make perfect cup of tea. Great for those cold Minnesota mornings and those early trips to the office!

Water That Makes Your Neighbor Jealous

Getting their kids to drink water used to be a chore. Now, the oldest daughter asks her Mom for “a glass of fresh water”. Mom and Dad are enjoying it too.

An average family of 4 in Apple Valley will use over 1,200lbs of salt a year (2-3 bags per month). Our client will only use 417lbs. They will also save over 11,000 gallons of water a year with our high efficiency technology.

This will save our customer $1,000’s over the life of the system. They’ll spend less time hauling salt and changing filters, and more time enjoying their new home together!

How Can We Help You?

Do you want better drinking water? Maybe nicer water to help sensitive skin. Or maybe you just want to carry less salt.

Premier Water can help you get the water you want. We have partnered with some amazing manufacturers to pick the best tool for each job.

Contact us at (952) 767-0230 or sign up for a FREE WATER TEST and consultation to find the right water system for your needs.

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