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The floor in the mechanical room was wet…again.

Water sprayed out of the Culligan Mark 89 softener each time it regenerated (every 3-4 days).

Minnetonka MN water hardness is off the charts, and the Culligan was using 120-160lbs of salt – EACH MONTH!

Should they fix the old machine, or upgrade to something more modern?

Here’s why our clients in Minnetonka chose to upgrade to a High Efficiency Water Softener.

Culligan Water Softener Problems

Minnetonka Culligan Mark 89 water softenerThe Culligan Mark 89 softener has 100’s of parts.

High hardness levels and sediment scoured the inside of the system.  5 seals and o-rings were damaged.  This caused water to spray out.

To make mattters worse, dozens of screws were either stripped or corroded.

But there was more than mechanical damage causing our customers problems:

Water softeners use resin beads to remove hard, damaging minerals.  Resin beads break down 2-10% each year.

At 15+ years old, the Culligan softener resin was not very effective.

On a good day their glassware looked clean.  The next it would be covered in film and hard water spots.

The old softener needed a major overhaul that would cost over $500.

If it was restored, 1980’s softener technology would still waste tons of salt.

Our clients didn’t want to waste money on an outdated system.  They were looking for a modern, sensible solution.

High Efficiency Water Softener Advantages

So why did our clients chose to upgrade to a new Hellenbrand ProMate 6.5 Water Softener?

We wanted a reliable softener that didn’t break down as much.  We didn’t want to haul as much salt, and we wanted to save money on water and sewer.

They wanted a High Efficiency Water Softener.

The ProMate 6.5 has several advantages over standard softeners:

Hellenbrand ProMate 6.5 installed in Minnetonka MN

41 Total Parts
Fewer parts = fewer problems.  No screws to rust, no springs to break.

An elegant digital controller replaces the old clunky mechanical controller.

25% Stronger Resin Beads
Resin beads are made out of strands of plastic.  These strands are wrapped together in a “cross-link” structure.  The Hellenbrand ProMate 6.5 uses resin with 25% more “links in the chain” than the industry standard.

Stronger resin lasts longer and maintains consistent water quality.

High Efficiency Regeneration Technology
The ProMate 6.5 valve was re-designed to use upflow regeneration which reduces salt use by 40%.  The resin tank and resin bed were engineered to balance flow and reduce waste water by 30%.

This combination creates a TRUE “High Efficiency Water Softener” that can regenerate/clean resin with minimal water and salt.

Compare these specifications:

The Culligan Mark 89 took 20lbs of salt and 110 gallons of water to regenerate.

The ProMate 6.5 uses 6.2lbs of salt and 39 gallons of water.

But the performance doesn’t stop there.

Hellenbrand ProMate 6.5 Softener Valve in MinnetonkaThe ProMate 6.5 controller has a software feature called “Proportional Brining”.

It records your water usage, and adjusts water and salt used for each cleaning cycle.

This improves softener efficiency by another 17% over standard metered softeners.  Here’s how:

Most softeners are sized with 30% reserve capacity.  This capacity is added to make sure you don’t run out of soft water.

17% of resin capacity is never used.  It never get’s dirty.  But it gets cleaned anyways.

That means water and salt are wasted on resin that’s already clean.


How Can Premier Water Help You?

Water and sewer rates increase every year.  When gas prices go up, salt prices go up.

This family of 4 in Minnetonka will save 629lbs of salt and 3,142 gallons of water and sewer each year.  The savings will increase every year.

Do you need a High Efficiency Water Softener?

Contact Premier Water for a FREE Water Test.  In 30-60 minutes we will inspect your plumbing, test your water, explain your options, and answer your questions.  You’ll have the information you need.  We have the service you can trust.

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