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Integrity Global Solutions is a local Plymouth, MN business that was struggling with the water cooler they used to provide their employees drinking water. The owner summed it up best:

Bottled water cooler

Bottled Water Cooler Pile Up!

“We either ran out of bottles for the water cooler because it wasn’t delivered often enough, or the bottled water would pile up because it was delivered too frequently!!! The delivery scheduling, and office interruptions was a mess!”

They also had a major hard water problem that destroyed their dishwasher, coffee mugs, and glassware.

When Integrity moved to their new location, they hired Premier Water to come up with a better solution to their water problems.

The Hellenbrand H100 water softener was selected as a reliable, efficient, yet cost effective solution to treat their hard Plymouth tap water.

The new water heater, dishwasher, and the showers in the employee gym are now protected from hard water, and will remain scale-free for many years. As an added bonus, employees will no longer have to worry about their favorite coffee cups getting destroyed by hard water!

Reverse osmosis

New Reverse Osmosis System

Next, we installed an Ultratec Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis to provide pure drinking water for the 23 employees staffed here. This system can produce up to 100 gallons per day of pure water, and is neatly tucked away in a kitchen cabinet. Now the only thing you see is a faucet for pure drinking water.

Everyone is enjoying the nearly limitless supply of pure water, and are using it for drinking water, ice, and coffee.

Now Integrity Global Solutions can focus on their business instead of dealing with the hassle of bottled water coolers, and the frustration of Plymouth’s hard water.

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