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Some cities are known for well water with high Iron levels. Deephaven, MN is one of them. What do you notice as you drive down the heavily wooded streets of this Lake Minnetonka community? Rust stains!

Our clients had just finished a beautiful landscaping overhaul of their entire property, and they did not want to ruin it! The beautiful Flagstone walkways that meander around the yard had started to turn orange after only one irrigation cycle!

They had to act fast!

Rust Stains in the Home, and Arsenic in Drinking Water

Our clients had been renting a Culligan Water Softener and a little Culligan Super S Iron Filter for years. The Water Softening process happens fast – very fast. Iron Filtration is a mechanical straining process, and it happens much more slowly.

If you look closely at the picture of the old equipment, you will see that the Softener is bigger than the Iron Filter.

So what does this mean?

Well for starters, Iron blew right through the little Filter making the Softener work over time by trying to remove both the Hardness AND Iron.

It also meant that they had rust stains, and they went through a ton of salt.

The New Iron Filter System

The irrigation system ran at a “continuous flow rate” of only 12gpm (gallons per minute), and it only ran at night when household water usage was non-existant.

During the day, the family of 5 could have multiple appliances and fixtures running. Their “peak” water use during the day was also around 12gpm.

Premier Water designed this Iron Filter System to the same specifications that a city would use for a water treatment plant. Our clients now have their own “private municipal water system”.

The 1st stage in the system uses an 18″ pressurized aeration vessel. When water enters this tank, it sprays through a compressed pocket of air that creates millions of little micro bubbles. These bubbles mix with water and oxidize Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide. These bubbles allow us to pre-treat the water without chemicals.

The 2nd stage uses a bank of (4) 14” filters that run in parallel. The quad filter system is capable of delivering 12.9gpm at municipal specifications. Each filter monitors water use, records system data, and can backwash based on time, volume, or pressure drop.

This “Whole House Iron Curtain Water Filter” treats everything: inside and out!

New Water Softener and Drinking Water Purification

Now that the Iron has been removed, the new Softener essentially gets to live on city water. The Softener ended up being 33% smaller than the previous system, and uses about 50% less salt.

The Water Softener is a smaller version of a system that we install in many Twin Cities Restaurants. The digital controller measures water use, only regenerates with salt as needed, and constantly adjusts to operate at peak efficiency. It get’s smarter the longer it’s in the home.

News stories about Arsenic in Deephaven well water have brought drinking water quality to many of the local resident’s attention.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) by itself is only effective at removing Arsenic V, and not Arsenic III. Because of this, we used our standard Reverse Osmosis System and added a custom Arsenic Filter for their drinking water needs.


Our clients now have the best of both worlds: a scenic Deephaven home, without the poor water quality that so many suffer from!

No more rust stains, less salt, and clean drinking water. The whole project only took two days to complete, and now they will have great water with minimal maintenance!

About Premier Water

Premier Water is a local, family-owned water treatment company based in Chanhassen, MN. Since 1978, Premier Water has successfully designed, installed, and serviced 1000’s of residential and commercial Iron Filtration Systems.

We offer a FREE WATER TEST to gather information and help our clients get the right water treatment solution for their needs. We can also be reached at (952) 479-4553 for more information.

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